Political Wolves In Sheep Clothing And What They Want From You

Ever notice how politicians verbally and publically body slams past former best friends? One minute their embracing hugs for the cameras and the next comes the verbal upper cut to the chin. This happens more and more every day due to the wild fluctuations of politics, public opinion, selfish desires and probably most, self-gain. One thing for sure, if you’re ever confused like many and most, just follow the money trail.

Following the Money Trail

For example, with the Clinton’s and their foundation legal woes, notice that Donna Brazile suddenly out of nowhere makes claims that shocked the DNC fateful establishment when only months ago she presented herself as Hillary’s best pal. Little more than a year ago, Brazile even admitted to the Washington Examiner that she provided debate questions to the Clinton campaign prior to the debate. Why would anyone change face so quickly? It’s called self-promotion and money. Which leads us to Ms. Brazile’s new book. A little secret that we all seem to forget in the fray, small sound bites like “felt like a slave” are highly desired for publishers marketing their books for profit. Then if successful, authors get speaking fees and then who knows, opens the door for her own party dominance only after she attempts to nail the coffin on her former good pal, Hillary.

Political Wolves Found on Both Sides of the Aisle

It’s not just exclusive to Demos. Not by a long shot. Just today, George Bush Sr. comes out of retirement and calls President Trump a ‘blowhard.’ And yes again, another tantalizing bite for Bush’s new book with one single purpose. To get you aroused enough to cry foul and run out and buy his book. But why Trump? For one he wants to piggy back on the popularity of the Trump name and let’s not forget that Trump laid it on pretty thick on his beloved son in the Republican primary and forgiveness doesn’t appear to be likely. Clearly, Bush’s do not have a short memory. I challenge you to lay your personal opinions aside and focus on economic facts, unemployment numbers, ISIS trends and cross-examine your emotional bias pulls and the selfish motives of people who make a living while toxic dumping on others for no reason other than self-gain. Then decide if you want to buy their book. Is this the crowd you want to follow? Consider the timing of their verbal attacks. And if you do follow, at what ‘profitable centric’ point will people like them turn on you? I once mentioned to my lovely bride that I may run for a politics one day because we need honest leadership. Her response was classic, “If you do, you need to also file for divorce.” Her rationale was that if you go into political office an honest person, sooner or later the body slamming, perpetual character assassinations mostly all stemming from the money trail where integrity roams no more, would engulf the purest of souls. To this day, I don’t know if she would file for divorce if I did run for office. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to find out. For now, I can just feel good whenever I walk by and pass over another political ‘blow-hard’ book at my local bookstore. Larry Fowler’s Recent Articles




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