Top Army Jobs for the Color Blind

You may be under the impression that you cannot join the Army if you’re color blind. The color blind have the ability to fight alongside those with perfect color vision in the United States Army.

While not every Army job may be open for the color blind, they can still join the U.S. Army and enjoy a military career. Here’s what you can expect and the potential career options if you want to join the Army, but you’re color blind.


Military Entrance Processing Station Testing

You’ll go through the MEPS testing before you can enter into the Army. Normal color vision isn’t a prerequisite for joining the Army, however. When you go through your MEPS, you’ll go through a Red/Green colorblindness test. This will not disqualify you, if you’re color blind, but help to determine the jobs you qualify for.

While there are a number of Army jobs requiring normal color vision, there are plenty that don’t require normal color vision. The Army Special Operations Unit, along with any aviation jobs will require normal color vision. Most of the jobs requiring normal color vision are a bit specialized.

Determining Normal Color Vision for the Army

When you go through the medical testing to join the United States Army, you’ll to through two tests for color vision. One is called the Pseudo isochromatic Plate color test or PIP. This test will show you circles of dots with similar colors. You will have to decipher the number found in the middle to pass.

The second test is called the Farnsworth Lantern Test or FALANT. This test will show you red and green lights, which you must differentiate between. The FALANT is used only if you fail the PIP.

Even if you fail both tests, it doesn’t disqualify you from joining the U.S. Army. There are Army jobs available for both partial color vision and for full color blindness.

Army Jobs for the Color Blind

Whether you’re fully color blind or partially color blind, you can serve in the United States Army. Some of the top jobs you may qualify for include:


A number of administrative jobs in the Army may be available to those partially or fully color blind. You may work as a chaplain caring for the spiritual well-being of soldiers or you may work as a chaplain assistant. In addition, positions as a financial manager or in human resources are often available to those with color blindness.

Computer Jobs

The Army offers a number of jobs that fall into the computer category. These jobs include duties, such as maintaining equipment, installing software and running programs. Most of the jobs in this category are open to those with both full and partial colorblindness.

Jobs, such as crypto-logic linguist and military intelligence systems maintainer are available. You may also work as a signals intelligence analyst and be in charge of intercepting foreign radio transmissions.

Combat Jobs

Several of the jobs in the Army classified under the category of “combat” don’t require normal color vision. Basic infantry positions don’t require you to differentiate between colors. Some of the more specializes combat jobs in the Army will require some degree of color vision, however.

Infantry officers don’t always need to have normal color vision and cannon crew members only need to be able to differentiate between red and green.

Mechanic Jobs

Army mechanics perform very important jobs by maintaining the equipment used by others. Many positions open in this field don’t require any type of color vision. An avionics communications equipment repairer, for example, doesn’t require normal color vision.

In addition, those with partial or full colorblindness can work as a construction equipment repairer, artillery mechanic or even a machinist. Many other mechanic jobs are also available to those without normal color vision.

Military Law Enforcement

If you’re only partially color blind, you can work as a 31B Military Police or a 31E Internment/Resettlement Specialist. Both of these options are open to those with the ability to distinguish between red and green. Other Military Police positions in the Army require normal color vision.

Jobs in the Arts

Jobs found under the category of “Arts” in the Army may also be available to those fully or partially color blind. The Army requires people to work in the fields of advertising, entertainment and public relations. This opens up some jobs for those without normal color vision.

Working as an Army band person or a special band member is possible, along with public affairs specialists. A public affairs specialist will help to control how news flows for the Army. This position may include writing and editing articles, taking pictures and working with many forms of media.

Along with these Army jobs for the color blind, some other positions available include:

There are several other U.S. Army jobs for the color blind. Whether you’re partially color blind or fully color blind, you can still enlist in the Army and find a job to perform. All of the possible jobs, along with the qualifications are listed within the MOS Smartbook found here.




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