How to Find Military Jobs in Denver, CO

Transitioning out of the military and into civilian life isn’t easy. When you’re searching for military jobs in Denver, CO or anywhere else, for that matter, it can be difficult to find a job that lines up with your experience. You don’t want to end up underemployed or unemployed after leaving the military.

Denver is filled with great resources to help you transition and help you find a job after military service. While you could spend hours every day scouring the many typical job boards, such as and, you’re a veteran and there are resources specifically designed to help you find a great military job in Denver.

Some employers understand the value that comes with military service. They value loyalty, leadership skills, the ability to work with a team, dedication and the ability to perform under pressure. If you’re seeking a job in Denver and you just left the military service, check out these great resources for veterans.

Top Places to Look for a Military Job in Denver for Veterans

There are several great places for those newly out of the military and for veterans of all types to find jobs in Denver. Here are a few of the top options for your job search.

Stars and Stripes Veteran Job Center

The Stars and Stripes Veteran Job Center offers plenty of job listing specific to those with military experience. Along with the job listings, they offer career tools, transition guidance and more. You can find out about job fairs and events and even brows a list of military friendly companies in your area.

While Star and Stripes isn’t just a job search tool for Denver, CO, they do offer plenty of listings in the Denver area. You’ll find hundreds of job listings here at any given time and they are all specific to those with military service.

Hire a Veteran

This website offers the Colorado Veterans Employment Program with Veterans Employment Specialists on staff. Hire a Veteran helps to provide job training opportunities and expertise to veterans in need of assistance. They work with local Workforce Centers to help find veterans jobs within the area.

In addition to providing job listings, Hire a Veteran offers help with resume and cover letter writing, interview tips and help translating your military experience into a civilian job. They also offer workshops, job fairs and events and plenty other helpful services for veterans. If you’re looking for military jobs in Denver, CO, Hire a Veteran is one of the best places to start.

Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs

The Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs offers help for veterans seeking jobs after military services, along with Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves and Military Spouses. With a staff of more than 50 professionals ready to help you, this is a good place to go when you’re on the hunt for a new job.

Colorado Technical University

The Career Services Department of Colorado Technical University offers help for Veterans that have attended the University. They help with job referrals, resume writing and so much more. If you’ve received a degree from CTU, your first stop when hunting for a job should be their Career Services department.

Top Employers in Denver Hiring Veterans

Many employers throughout Denver, Colorado hire veterans once they’ve completed military service. However, some companies have built a reputation for hiring veterans. Here’s a look at some of the top companies to check out, if you’re searching for military jobs in Denver, CO.

EcoMark Solar

While they are a bit new to hiring veterans, EcoMark Solar started a program for hiring veterans about a year ago. They are actively seeking military veterans to fill open positions and value the many great qualities men and women provide after military service.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin isn’t just known for hiring veterans in Denver, but across the entire country. They actually have a dedicated group of five veterans specially assigned to help recruit more service members for Lockheed jobs. This team of veterans attends over 200 events every single year to help transitioning service members find a new career.

Denver Police Department

Law enforcement has long been considered one of the easier military jobs in Denver for transitioning. The Denver Police Department has been known as one of the “Best for Vets-Employers” multiple times. This award is given out by Military Edge Magazine and it was given to the force due to the benefits they provide for both veterans and reservists.


While Accenture is a global consulting, outsourcing and technology company, they are headquartered in Denver. They are known for providing all types of great career opportunities for military veterans. The company even provides an Accenture Military Career Coach and plenty of online tools to help you with your job search.

DaVita Healthcare Partners

In 2013, DaVita hires over 350 veterans with over 30 going into leadership positions. They are known as one of the largest employers of veterans in the Denver area. They often hire military veterans to fill positions as registered dietitians, social workers, register nurses and other licensed professionals. DaVita was one of only two Colorado employers to receive the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award in 2013, as well.

Finding military jobs in Denver, CO can seem overwhelming. Transitioning out of the military and into civilian life isn’t easy. Take advantage of the many resources offered throughout Denver and make sure you check out the top employers hiring veterans within the area, too.




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