Top Army Jobs Dealing with Animals

Animals are not just used for food or as pets. In many cases, they make our lives easier and service animals are very involved in the United States Army.

If you’ve thought about joining the Army, but you really want to work with animals, you may be in luck. There are several Army jobs dealing with animals you can enjoy while serving your country.

From livestock managers to service dog handlers, the Army offers a number of jobs working with animals. With the right training, you’ll not only get to work with animals in the Army, but you can also translate your service into a civilian job working with animals.

Animal Care Specialist (68T)

One of the types of Army jobs dealing with animals you can choose is called an Animal Care Specialist. This job is available as an entry level position for those enlisted for active duty or reserve duty.

An animal care specialist has the responsibility of helping to control and prevent diseases transmitted from animals to humans. They also help care for government-owned animals. Some of the job duties include:

  • Provide daily animal care in a research and development or veterinary treatment facility
  • Administer medication to animals as directed by a veterinarian
  • Assist veterinarians with surgery and other procedures
  • Perform full physical examinations of animals to detects abnormalities and report findings

To become an Animal Care Specialists in the U.S. Army, you will need to complete 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 11 weeks of Advanced Individual Training. the advanced training will include practice in animal care. You will learn skills, such as plaster-casting techniques, patient care techniques, sterilization techniques and emergency medical techniques.

If you enjoy helping others, working with animals and you have an interest in biology or general science, this may be the right choice for you.

In order to become an Animal Care Specialist, you will need to score a 91 on the Skilled Technical portion of the ASVAB test. This position in the Army has the ability to translate into a position as a veterinary aide or assistant in the civilian world.

Military Working Dog Handler (31K)

Another type of Army job dealing with animals is the position of Military Working Dog Handler. This position is open to enlisted active duty Army service men and women and it’s considered an entry level position.

A Military Working Dog Handler or MWD is responsible for training and caring for the service dog assigned to them. These service dogs help during combat operations abroad and at home by providing target odor detecting of drugs and/or explosives. They may also serve as a part of law enforcement operations.

Some of the job duties of a MWD handler include:

  • Training your dog
  • Daily care for your dog
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Customs support
  • VIP support
  • Health and Welfare searches
  • Installation Force Protection

A MWD handler may be a Patrol Drug Detector Dog handler or a Patrol Explosive Detector Dog handler. It’s even possible to be both.

If you want to be a MWD handler, you will need to complete Basic Combat Training, along with 17 weeks of Advanced Individual Training on caring for, handling and training a Military Working Dog. In addition, you will be trained in basic use of firearms, military/civil laws and jurisdictions, arrest and restraint techniques and other specialist techniques for dog handling.

If you have patience’s, enjoy interacting with people and have the ability to make quick decisions, this may be the right Army job for you. You will be required to score a 91 on the Skilled Technical portion of the ASVAB test.

As a MWD handler, you have the ability to translate this military job into a job with federal, state or local law enforcement in the civilian world. It may also translate into numerous other career options involving animals.

Veterinary Corps Officer (64)

If you plan to be an officer in the Army and you want to work with animals, the Veterinary Corps Officer position may be perfect for you. This position will include animal medicine, research and development and veterinary public health. You will treat government-owned animals and pets of service members and their families.

In addition, a Veterinary Corps Officers in the army is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Department of Defense food supplies.

This is not a position you can just enter into with a little bit of training. To be an Army Veterinary Corps Officer, you will need to graduate from a School of Veterinary medication and have a current, unrestricted license. IN addition, you will need to go through Basic Combat Training, along with attending an Officer Basic Court. Training time may depend on the specialty you choose.

Along with these three Army jobs dealing with animals, the United States Army employs livestock managers, horse handlers and even veterinary food inspection specialists. It’s very possible to go into the Army and work with animals. If you’ve been thinking of enlisting, one of these positions may be the perfect fit.




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Awesome read! Love to work with dogs while serving in the Army! Hope more such opportunities become available.

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