How to Find Military Jobs in Houston, TX

Finding a military job in Houston, TX doesn’t have to be so difficult. The State of Texas has a very strong program for veterans and many companies throughout the state are known for hiring veterans. After all, as a veteran, you’re the perfect candidate for so many leadership roles in so many different companies.

When you’re searching for a job after you’ve served in the military, Houston is a great location. Plenty of excellent companies love hiring veterans throughout the Houston area. You just need to know the right place to look for military jobs in Houston. Here are some of the top resources to consider.

Just for Veterans

Just for Veterans is a program put together by the Texas Workforce Commission. This program helps veterans search and find jobs. It also provides access to priority services, such as training programs, resume help, application assistance and career development. They even provide help for those transitioning out of the military into civilian life.

Veteran Job Center

The Stars and Stripes website offers a Veteran Job Center with plenty of jobs listed by state, position and category. It’s one of the top job search sites specifically for veterans and offers hundreds of jobs currently found in Texas. While not all of the jobs are specific to Houston, many are found within the Houston area.

We Hire Heroes

Another site specifically catering to veterans of the military, We Hire Heroes offers a great choice for those searching for military jobs in Houston, TX. They look for military members with the right skills for the job and help match you with the best job for you. Many great jobs are found through their search tool online.

Common Job Search Sites

While choosing a military specific job search site is a great place to start, you shouldn’t ignore the regular job search sites. Some even allow filters for military jobs or military-friendly companies. Some of the job search sites to consider include:

While not every one of these sites will offer a filter for military, you can search the local Houston area on all of them. Adding the keyword “military” will often help filter the job listings for those specifically looking for veterans.

Searching for a job online can be a bit tedious. However, if you go directly to the site of companies that seek out veterans, it may be a bit easier. Here’s a look at some of the top employers in Houston that seek out veterans when they are hiring.

Lucas Group

One of the top companies in the entire State of Texas hiring veterans is Lucas Group. They love to hire those coming out of the US Military and often have plenty of jobs available for veterans. With plenty of jobs found in Houston, this could be the right company for you.

Lucas Group knows how talented those coming from the military are and often hire military members for their leadership positions. They hand-pick leaders with a thorough vetting process to ensure their military skills match the position well.

Phillips 66

Another Houston company looking to hire veterans is Phillips 66. They love to hiring veterans to help in many different ways. The company believes veterans bring the three core values they look for to the table: commitment, safety and honor.

About 25% of the hourly workers at Phillips 66 are veterans. In addition, they hire many veterans for other roles in the company.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

If you’re a veteran with medical experience, MD Anderson Cancer Center is looking for you. They are one of the world’s most respected cancer treatment centers and they love military members working for them. MD Anderson even offers an online career tool making it easy to see what your military experience translates to at their company.


Another company supporting veterans by hiring them in Houston is ConocoPhillips. They hire plenty of military veterans for their top positions and for entry-level positions, as well. Whether the jobs are for offshore or at home in Houston, ConocoPhillips is known for hiring military veterans.

Other Houston, Texas companies looking to hire veterans of the military include:
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • General Electric
  • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Wells Fargo

Many others love to hire veterans and you can find a list of veteran-friendly employers in Houston here.

Search for a job as you transition out of the military doesn’t have to be so difficult. There are several military jobs in Houston available and many companies specifically looking to fill positions with veterans. Use the resources found here and you’re sure to land that perfect job allowing you to use the skills you gained in the military as you transition to civilian life.




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