How to Find Military Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Finding a job after you’ve left the military in Jacksonville, Florida doesn’t have to be difficult. Many service members choose to settle in the Jacksonville area and there are plenty of great companies you can choose to work for. Here are some of the ways you can find military jobs in Jacksonville, FL without pulling your hair out searching.

City of Jacksonville Military and Veterans Affairs Office

Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition or JMVC. This organization helps service members find jobs and provides many other services for those getting out of the military. Many organizations work with the JMVC to help fill their open positions with qualified candidates.

You can use the Veterans Opportunities page to help you find the resources you need. This page includes links for internships, career fairs, education options, job opportunities and so much more. It’s one of the most helpful choices for veterans looking for military jobs in Jacksonville, FL.

NavyMWR Jacksonville

Another option for military jobs in Jacksonville is the NavyMWR Jacksonville. You can send in your resume and application for a number of open positions. While they only offer very specific opportunities, they do hire military members and their spouses. Find out more about the jobs at the NavyMWR Jacksonville here.

Lucas Group

The Lucas Group is one of the biggest employers of veterans across the entire country. They hold Military Hiring Conferences regularly in the Jacksonville area in search of talented service members for their open positions. A number of careers and opportunities are found through the Lucas Group for veterans.

Find out more about the Lucas Group and the positions they are hiring for here.

NOW Hiring Heroes

NOW Hiring Heroes Helps veterans find jobs in many locations across the country. They work specifically in the Jacksonville, Florida area to help veterans find jobs within many different industries. They act as a recruiting firm specifically for veterans and they get people placed quickly. Some get places within just a few weeks and they don’t just find some temp job for you.

NOW Hiring Heroes knows how to get their clients hired at solid companies with career paths open to veterans. Find out more about the organization here.

Employ Florida Vets

While Employ Florida Vets isn’t specific to just Jacksonville, they do offer employment opportunities within the area for military veterans. If you’re looking for a military job in Jacksonville, FL, this could be the site that helps you out the most.

It’s an online tool with a career center and a job search tool to help you find jobs all over the state of Florida. You can find out more about Employ Florida Vets here.

North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System

The North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System loves to hire military veterans. They offer many healthcare jobs for those coming out of the military, along with many residency programs. If you worked in healthcare while you were in the military, this may be the choice for you.

Find out more about the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System here.

The Grimes Companies

One of the employers in the Jacksonville area looking to hire veterans is The Grimes Companies. They are a company working within logistics, warehouse transport and supply chain operations. The company believes hiring veterans has been a huge part of making them successful.

Find out more about The Grimes Companies and the veterans they hire here.

Deutsche Bank Jacksonville

A massive bank with locations in Jacksonville, Florida, Deutsche Bank Jacksonville hires veterans from the United States Military on a regular basis. They offer a number of careers and job opportunities for military members. You can find a list of their opportunities here.

Stars and Stripes

If you’re looking for a good online tool you can use to find jobs in Jacksonville, the Stars and Stripes search tool is a great choice. It will narrow down the job search to your specific requirements. Find out more about Stars and Stripes here.

Another search tool helping veterans find jobs in the Jacksonville area is This tool offers a number of jobs and you can even enter your military title or code to help you narrow the list. Find out more about the tool and use it here.

There are several great ways to find military jobs in Jacksonville, FL. You don’t have to depend on just genera online job searches or the newspapers. Many organizations help veterans getting out of the military with the transition into civilian life. If you’re looking for a military job in Jacksonville, Florida, use the tools above to help you find the right position for you.




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