Which Army Jobs are Least Likely to See Combat?

Maybe you want to join the U.S. Army, but you prefer an Army jobs least likely to deploy or to see combat. You can serve your country without having to be on the front lines and you can do it in the Army. Here’s a look at some of the top Army Jobs least likely to see combat.

Before we go any further, it’s necessary to understand that deployment is likely with any position in the military. While there are some Army jobs with no deployment, those jobs are not available to new recruits. They typically include instructor and recruiting positions, which you can work towards, but will not be able to step into immediately after basic training.

Army Jobs That Don’t Deploy

There are Army Jobs that don’t see combat, but they are not available to new recruits. However, if you want to work towards these jobs, you should know which direction to take. Here’s a look at a few of the Army jobs considered non-deployable.

Media and Materials

As a member of the Army, you can work on the media and materials team. These soldiers work to help create educational videos, training materials and other publications for the Army. Normally, these are non-deployable positions. Most of these positions are very computer intensive and may include training in multimedia or graphic design.


Army recruiters will work to find new candidates to join the army. They often set up on college campuses, in malls and in other areas looking for those eager to join the military. Most recruiting positions are non-deployable, but they could be pressed into service if it’s a dire need. While there’s no guarantee as an Army recruiter, this is one of the Army jobs less likely to deploy.


The Army has a need for many instructors including drill sergeants at Fort Benning and officers at West Point. These are non-deployable positions and often go to experienced military service members. Most instructors have combat experience and will transition into this type of career at some point. While the instructor positions are Army jobs with no deployment, many instructors have been deployed in the past.


The Army has many musician positions for events and ceremonies. These positions go to those very proficient in the instrument they play. It’s a very competitive MOS and only the best of the best will get to perform at the top events. It’s one of the Army mobs least likely to see combat.

Army Deployment as a New Recruit

New Recruits don’t really have access to positions considered non-deployable in the Army. The likelihood of deployment is very high for a new recruit after basic training. In fact, soldiers in the Army deploy more than any other military branch, except the Navy.

The length of deployment can range from 12 to 24 months and the Army is known to use the stop-loss program the most. This program allows the Army to expand the deployment past your normal separation date.

If you want to join the Army, but you want one of the Army jobs least likely to deploy, chances are, you won’t be able to get one until later in your career. As a new recruit, even some of the safest Army jobs are not available to you yet.

Why Does the Army Deploy Often?

The Army is the oldest of the military branches in the United States and deploys very often. Most deployments are considered large-scale deployments with up to 15,000 soldiers going at once. The Army is called on to deploy when it can be well timed, while the Marines is called on when the notice is short.

The Army has the forces necessary to put together brigade combat teams supported by brigade support battalions and deploy quickly. Since a focus was put on making the U.S. Army more nibble, it has been able to deploy more frequently.

Safer Options for Army Enlistment

While new recruits often don’t have access to the non-deployable jobs and may not have access to the safer options right away, there are some options for those entering the Army that are safer than others. If you want a safer Army job, consider the following options:

  • Support and Administration Jobs – Some of the support and administering jobs are non-combat.
  • Human Resources – HR Jobs often don’t see deployment and if they do, they are not in as much danger as other jobs. They may be responsible for emergency contact data, personnel records, accountability and postal services.
  • Medical Jobs – Some medical jobs are non-combat and others won’t have you right on the front lines.
  • Financial Management Technician – Basically a bookkeeper or accountant, this job is typically safe.

There are several other safer positions you may be able to enter into in the Army. However, the changes of a new recruit getting deployed are far better than a service member that has served for many years already.

If you’re considering joining the Army and you’re looking for Army jobs least likely to deploy, this list can be helpful. Just don’t expect the non-deployable positions to be open to you immediately after you finish basic training.




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