5 High-Paying Jobs for Military Veterans

Finding one of the 5 highest paying jobs for military veterans isn’t necessarily easy, if you don’t know where to look. Understanding which jobs pay the most, where to find them and the training necessary to qualify will go a long way to helping you get paid as a military veteran.

After your brave service to our wonderful country, you want to work and you want to get paid. The highest paying veteran jobs are actually more likely for veterans than civilians. Of course, you have to have the right training and most of these jobs are best suited for military officers.

However, if you weren’t an officer in the military, you can still gain the education and experience necessary to land one of these high paying positions for veterans. Here are the five high-paying jobs for military veterans you should look into, if your salary matters to you.

Chief Information Officer – $167,200

If you have a background in internet technology, you may fit perfectly as a CIO of a company. This position will put you in charge of the company’s IT department and does require quite a bit of experience. You’ll need to be very well versed in technology and logistics with great communication skills.

Military experience is a great foundation for those looking to become a chief information office. If you love the technical side of thing, this may be the perfect fit. Transitioning into a career path towards becoming a CIO is a very natural fit for many military officers and others coming from the services.

Capture Manager – $164,100

Those in charge of managing bids for new business, including government contracts, are known as capture managers. This is a great choice for military veterans, especially those with around 20 years of military experience. It’s not hard to learn how to become an effective salesperson, which is necessary for this job.

However, when you come from extensive military experience, you already have the right type of background for this type of position. The military may not have many positions that directly connect to a capture manager position, but the training you receive makes you a great candidate for this type of position, anyway.

Senior Program Manager – $137,900

An upper level position in the company, a senior program manager may oversee many different projects. Due to the project and management focus gained from military experience, veterans often take this type of a position over a civilian. Most service members end up taking on some type of responsibility for a small or large group, which grooms them perfectly for this type of position in many different companies.

Vice President of Technology – $134,200

With a ton of high-quality technology found in the military, it’s no surprise that another technology position makes the list of 5 high-paying jobs for military veterans. As the Vice President of Technology, you’ll be in charge of the technology of a company on a high level. You’ll need strong leadership skills, along with knowledge of the latest gear and tech used by the company.

Chief Information Security Officer – $133,700

Information technology has become such a big part of companies today that the private sector requires incredible security. This means a Chief Information Security Officer is a position in great need. Many military veterans take these positions because they come out of the military with cyber security experience at a very high level.

These are the 5 highest paying jobs for military veterans found in the civilian sector. However, there are many other jobs that pay well for those coming out of the military. Here’s a quick look at a few more options for those looking to earn a high salary after military service.

Engineering Manager – $132,800

While a four-year degree will be requires and you may need an MBA or MEM, military service also goes a long way to landing a job as an Engineering Manager. This position puts you in charge of quality assurance and many other duties. You may help develop machinery, systems, processes and products.

Air Traffic Controller – $122,950

Another position that may require a degree, the air traffic controller also needs experience, which can be gained in the military. Veterans fit into this job very well because they come from the right background and may already have experience working as an air traffic controller in the military.

Airline Pilot – $82,060

If you were a pilot in the military, this is the perfect fit. Becoming a pilot in the private sector isn’t difficult when you already have experience flying. This position won’t require a degree, either.

A few other high paying jobs for military veterans include:
  • Electricians – $48,250
  • Elevator Repair and Installation – $70,910
  • Natural Sciences Manager – $120,160
  • Dental Hygienist – $68,250
  • Dentist – $187,200

While some of the jobs listed will require additional training or a degree, not all jobs require a degree. Depending on your military experience, you may be well qualified for one of the 5 high-paying jobs for military veterans. If not, you may fit better into one of the other jobs on the list or you may need to gain additional education or training.




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