Jobs in Okinawa Japan for Military Spouses

When your spouse is in the military and stationed in Okinawa, Japan, you may also need to find a job here. There are several jobs in Okinawa for military spouses, if you know where to look.

You’re likely new to the island and you may have a decent education and skills you can market. This is a good thing, of course and as long as you’re competent, there’s a job for you. Some jobs may be found on the military base, while others may be found off base.

It’s likely you left your job at the last base and most bases won’t transfer you directly to the branch you worked for in Okinawa. Even with this being the case, you may be able to land a similar job on the base. However, you could get a job off base, as well.

Flexibility and Patience

If you plan to work while your spouse is stationed in Okinawa, Japan, you’ll likely need to be patient and flexibility throughout the job search. While you continue your job search, keep the skills you offer in mind and how they may fit the career/job you’re seeking on the island.

Hunting for a job takes quite a bit of time and you will need to be patient. Remember, any jobs on the base will require a background check, which also takes time. Make sure you remain persistent, a swell. Sometimes, you have to check with the hiring agent or with the person in charge regularly to find out if they have something available for you.

Attend Workshops

Military Installations offers an Employee Assistance Program to help families with their job search. Often, you’ll learn plenty of things from the workshops including:

  • Interest assessment
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume writing
  • Federal job search

With these workshops, you’ll have the ability to learn the necessary skills to help you land the right job in Okinawa, Japan. You can find out more information about the Military Installations workshops and other resources here.

Quick Tips for Finding Off-Base Work

One of the best things you can do, if you want to find off-base work in Okinawa, Japan is pack business cards when you head to the island. You may hear that it’s impossible to find work in Okinawa as a military spouse, but it’s not.

When you speak to anybody on base or off-base, make sure you give them your business card. This will help you find the job you’re seeking and it’s great for networking. The cards should speak to what you know how to do and should include your contact information. You can even create an online resume and put a URL to the resume on your business card.

There’s also the possibility of teaching English to those on the island. You could work teaching one-on-one lessons to those on the island. This is a very common job you can find on the island, but to teach in schools, you will be required to have a bachelor’s degree. However, there are other teaching jobs that don’t require this type of education.

Post your resume on plenty of online job sites for the island. GaijinPot is a job site perfect for posting your resume. CafeTalk is another choice you can use, if you’re looking to teach privately.

Working from Home

You don’t have to find a job in Okinawa, Japan for military spouses if you elect to work from home. It’s possible that you could work from home as a photographer, freelance writer or a number of other positions. You will need to obtain approval as some rules will vary from one military branch to another. Make sure you speak with the base’s legal office before starting a business from home.

Online Job Sites for Okinawa, Japan

As a military spouse, you may be able to find a job in Okinawa for military spouses with the online search tools. Some of the more common places to search, such as Indeed may offer jobs you can apply for.

One of the best online job searches this site offers job openings at all their installations on a regular basis. You can apply right online and find out if they have an open position fitting your skillset.

There are plenty of other great resources to help you find a job online, such as Okinawa Hai, which lists ways to find jobs on and off base.

If you know you’ll be moving to Okinawa, Japan and you want to make sure you’ll be able to work as a military spouse, start preparing now. Get your business cards ready to go, create a resume online and start learning what type of jobs are available on the island. Preparing now will help to ensure you find the right job for you, once you arrive.




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