Top 6 Figure Military Jobs

You don’t have to give up your dreams of making a six figure income just you decide to join the military. There are several great six-figure jobs you can take in the military. Of course, it will take time and training to build your career to the six-figure level, but it’s certainly possible in the military.

If you want to serve your country, but you also want to make a decent income, you need to know which military jobs are best for you. Here’s a look at some of the top 6 figure military jobs you can work towards when you join.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians

A military physician or surgeon will make more money than just about any other career in the military. The average salary is just under $190K per year. However, this job does require an advanced degree.

As a military physician, you will provide medical services to patients. You will be responsible for examining patients, diagnosing their injuries and illness, along with providing medical treatment.

Other medical related positions requiring an advanced degree in the military will also pay a six figure salary. Some of the options include:

  • Orthodontists – $180K+
  • Preventive Medicine Physicians – $180K+
  • Allergists and Immunologists – $179K+
  • Prosthodontists – $175K+
  • Pathologists – $150K+
  • Neurologists – $143K+
  • Ophthalmologists – $142K+
  • Psychiatrists – $139K+
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons – $136K+
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists – $134K+
  • Anesthesiologists – $133K+
  • Family and General Practitioners – $132K+

Ship and Boat Captains

Maybe you don’t want to go into the medical field in the military. IF you join and become a ship or boat captain, you’ll have the opportunity to earn an average salary of more than $150K per year. This job doesn’t require an advanced degree, either.

As a ship or boat captain, you may be in charge of a ship or submarine. Your team will be made up of officer that work together to make sure the ship runs smoothly. This job only requires work experience.

Judges, Magistrate Judges and Magistrates

The military has a system of courts and law outside the civilian world. This position requires judges and magistrates. When you take on this type of position in the military, you can make more than $150K per year. It does require an advanced degree, however.

As a judge or magistrate, you will provide legal services for military personnel. Often, you will also be asked to provide services in international legal matters and in civil matters.

General and Operations Managers

As a manager in the military, you can make an average salary of $138K per year. Since military combat requires very careful planning and coordination, managers are vital to the operation. As a general manager or an operations manager, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree.

This position will put you in charge of battle management, which may include specialties in battle management, ground locations, ships or aircraft.

Political Scientists

Maybe you have interest in the field of political science. If you take this type of position in the military, you can earn an average salary around $136K per year. You will need an advanced degree to qualify.

Political scientists in the military are in charge of many things including information about foreign countries. They are in charge of international relations, analysis and reporting information for military planning.

Government Property Inspectors and Investigators

As a property inspector or investigator in the military, you can earn nearly $130K per year, on average. This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree. You’ll be asked to help the military reduce waste and inefficiency when you take on this position.

Budget Analysts

The military spends billions of dollars every year and someone has to keep track of it. Budget Analysts will make, on average, about $126K per year. This position does require a Bachelor’s Degree and often the budget analysts will have a degree in finance or accounting.

Registered Nurses

You can become a registered nurse in the military and earn nearly $120K per year. This position only requires an Associate’s Degree. You’ll likely work at a military hospital or clinic as a registered nurse helping with patient care and recovery.

There are a few other nursing positions that earn a six-figure income in the military, too. Nurse Practitioners earn $117K on average per year, while Nurse Midwives earn about $116K per year, on average.

Air Crew Officers

Without any degree, you can become an air crew officer and earn an average salary of $114K per year. This position helps with the supplies for the military personnel. You may work as a supply or warehouse manager under the title of air crew officer.

Other six figure military jobs include:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers – $113K+
  • Treasurers and Controllers – $113K+
  • Natural Sciences Managers – $113K+
  • Accountants – $111K+
  • Lawyers – $111K+
  • Human Resources Managers – $109K+
  • Computer Network Architects – $108K+
  • Veterinarians – $107K+
  • Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officers – $102K+
  • Music Directors – $100K+

There are plenty of jobs you can pursue in the military and make a six figure salary. When you join, you just want to make sure you choose the right path and you understand what will be necessary for you to qualify for your chosen position.




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