Army Jobs that Require High ASVAB Scores

When you decide to join the Army, you will take many tests. One of those tests is known as the ASVAB, which will determine the Army jobs you qualify for. If you’re after a specific job, you want to make sure you score high on your ASVAB.

There are several Army jobs that will require you to have a high ASVAB score. Here’s a look at some of the Army jobs that require high ASVAB scores.

Military Intelligence

Those looking to go into the field of military intelligence must have a high ASVAB score. IN fact, most of the positions will require a score of 91 or higher. Some of the Army jobs found in the field of military intelligence will require scores on the ASVAB of 101 to 112. Those maintaining the computer and communications systems used to store and gather critical data will need to have a very high ASVAB score.

If you want to go into military intelligence, it’s important to understand that it’s one of the Army jobs that require a high ASVAB score. Without a high score, these Army jobs may not be open to you and there will be other requirements you must meet, as well.


Another field requiring high ASVAB scores is aviation. This field requires high ASVAB scores, even if you don’t want to be a pilot. Anybody going into this field will need a minimum of 93 on the ASVAB with an average score around 100 for these jobs.

It’s necessary to have such a high score because the technicians taking care of the planes need extensive training and need to be very technically proficient. Aviation also uses a separate line score on the ASVAB for specific roles. If you will be working with drones, you will need an electronics LS of 105, while those working as avionics technicians will need a 98 or higher.

Paralegal Specialist

Within the Judge Advocate’s General Corps of the Army, an ASVAB score of 105 will be necessary to become a paralegal. This position is very important as you will assist the JAG attorneys when it comes to preparing for court.

Army paralegals are also tasks with aiding the soldiers and unit commanders with general legal matters including study of case history, investigations and preparations of documents. This is a very important job and you won’t be able to be a paralegal in the army without a high ASVAB score.

Psychological Operations

PSYOP or Army Psychosocial Operations soldiers will work to influence the actions of others, including foreign government. This person works to help reduce the enemy’s will to resist occupation. Soldiers in this field need a minimum of a 101 on the ASVAB and will need to meet other requirements, as well.

PSYOP soldiers need to be able to analyze enemy propaganda and counter it with other types of media. This is a very specialized field.

Army Satellite Commination Systems Operator-Maintainer

If you want to become an Army Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer, you will need an ASVAB line score of 117 or higher in electronics. This is just the start as there are many other requirements for this position.

Public Affairs

If you want to go into the field of Public Affairs you will need a high ASVAB score. Public affairs is considered one of the top jobs in the Army and very sought after. However, many don’t qualify because they cannot get a high enough score on the ASVAB.

Some of the other Army Jobs requiring a high score on the ASVAB include:

  • Early Warning System Operator
  • Electrical Systems Repairer
  • Special Forces
  • Diver
  • Prime Power Production Specialist
  • Topographic Analyst
  • Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer
  • Microwave System Operator-Maintainer
  • Automatic Test Equipment Operator and Maintainer
  • Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer
  • Recruiter NCO
  • Watercraft Engineer
  • Medical Laboratory Specialist

Many of the highest paying jobs in the Army will require a high ASVAB score. If the job is technical or medical, it will likely require a high score on the ASVAB.




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