High Paying Jobs Not Requiring a Degree

When you leave the military, you want to be prepared for the next step. There are several high paying jobs you can get without the need for a college degree. With the cost of college rising and many joining the military to gain training, it’s important to know your options once you leave the service.

As a civilian, you have many options, depending on the training you received in the military. If you don’t have a college degree, it doesn’t mean you have to work for a low wage. Here are some of the high paying jobs not requiring a degree you can get when you leave the military.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

At the top of this field, you can make as much as $128K per year, while the average operator will still make more than $86K per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this field to grow rather fast over the next few years with new plant construction coming into to play. There are also new rules about operator fatigue that may help increase the need.

While you don’t need a degree to become a Nuclear Power Reactor Operator, those with a vocational degree and military training will go to the head of the line.

Air Traffic Controller

This translates well for those that performed aviation duties in the military and it pays well, too. The average salary tops $108K as it’s a tough job. You’ll be responsible for expensive planes and the passengers in those planes.

Military experience helps in this field as you will be able to bypass the air traffic management degree and enter right into the field.

Director of Security

You won’t need a degree to become a Director of Security and it pays $123K at the top of the field with the average worker earning nearly $70K. Military training goes quite a way in this field and there’s plenty of room for advancement.

Business Operations Specialist

This position only requires you to have a high school diploma, but with military training, you may go to the top of the list. You’ll most likely start with a ground floor position, but the median salary tops $62K and military experience in the right area can help you move up very fast.

Police and Detective Supervisors

Those working as police in the military will be well suited to become civilian police officers and detective supervisors. When you work your way up in this field you can top the $80K salary range pretty easily. As a detective, special agent or another high position, you can make even more.

Elevator Mechanic

When you leave the military as a mechanic, the position of elevator mechanic may seem appealing. It has an average salary of about $73K and those at the top of the field make over $100K per year.

Most elevator mechanics belong to a union and while it doesn’t require a degree, you will likely need to complete a four-year apprenticeship program.

Airline Pilot

This civilian job makes perfect sense for those coming out of the military with pilot experience. Most pilots do have degrees, but military experience usually does the trick. Some airlines may prefer your experience over a degree due to the time you put in and the experience you’ve gained. As an airline pilot, you can make an average salary of $82K or more.

Court Reporter

You don’t need a degree to go from the military to a job as a court reporter. This position will transcribe speeches, legal proceeding, meetings, conversations and more. Certified court reporters are in demand and needed often for many legal matters.

As a court reporter, you can make an average salary of $57K. However, those at the top of the field make as much as $105K. It may take a few months to become a novice voice writer, but you may need two years to become a real-time voice writer. The good news, court reporters learn their skills on the job.

Massage Therapist

If you enjoy helping people heal and you have experience from the military, a job as a massage therapist may fit. This position can pay as much as $112K at the top and an average around $52K per year. You will need some training to become a massage therapist and you will need to pass the state licensing exam.

You don’t have to get a degree to get a good job after your military training and experience. Many of the positions in the military translate well to civilian jobs with a good salary. Make sure you take the time to think about what you’d like to do after your time in the military so that you get the right training for your future career.




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