173rd Airborne Soldier Wins Bronze Star

Army Sergeant Inabnet Receives Award For Valor Dealing with danger and risk is part of the job when you are in the Armed Forces, especially serving in the battlefield region of Afghanistan. But sometimes events take place that require just a little bit more, and it is at these times that our Servicemembers rise up and meet the challenge. Army Sergeant Ryan Inabnet was awarded the Bronze Star as part of the 173rd Brigade Airborne Combat Team, 91st Cavalry Squadron. Sergeant Inabnet was awarded the medal for his combat actions on July 27th 2007 when his quick thinking and actions saved more than a dozen of his fellow soldiers. He is on a quick reaction team that was used to reinforce International Assistance Security Forces that were battling with insurgents. ”We rushed up to the scene and got the first four injured on the ambulance and took them to the medivac site. Then I gave first aid to another soldier,” said Inabnet. “We then came under grenade and small arms fire,” said Inabnet. Inabnet worked to get all the members who were injured back to the landing zone for the helicopter to pick up. Inabnet was working for several hours in order to accomplish this. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The actions of Inabnet were recognized by Brigadier General Mark Milley, who is the deputy commanding general for operations for CJTF-101.




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To bad that E-1 to E-4 aren’t valued enough for their meritorious service in combat actions to receive a Bronze Star for Meritorious service.They are given one only in DEATH.

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