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One of the more exciting combat enlisted specialties available in the Army is serving in the Armored Tank Corps. The Armor Army branch is responsible for forward cavalry reconnaissance operations and all tank operations on the combat battlefield. The role of the Armor enlisted specialist is to perform all operations and duties specific to the particular tank or equipment that they are serving on. The platoon is the smallest Tank union in a company of Armor. Tank platoons work together in two or more units; rarely do they function as individual tank units.

Your Missions?

The mission of a tank and its crew is to close to the enemy position and destroy it. It can be a mobile target, such as a vehicle or another tank, or it can be a stationary enemy target such as a building or piece of equipment. The Armored tank attacks, defends, moves, transports troops, and acts as part of a concerted battle force accomplishing the Army mission. The Army Armor enlisted person will assist in using shock effect, fire, maneuvering and other methods of combat support for infantry and other Armor units in the field. The Tank crew functions as an integrated tightly trained team. They function nearly as a single unit, and the Armored Tank enlisted person. Members of the Armor tank crew cross train so they can accomplish their teammates task in an emergency or when called upon. Each of the tank Armor crewmembers train so they can perform the tasks of their teammates.

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Positions on a Army enlisted Tank crew consist of Tank Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander. Everyone on this list are enlisted except for the position of Tank Commander, and they normally are commissioned officers or warrant officers. The tank features mobility and flexibility, and its success is mainly due to its ability to move either on or off established roads. A modern Armored tank requires proficient operators and it consumes a large amount of petroleum products every day, such as grease, oil and fuel.

Training for an enlisted Tank Armored enlisted person involves Basic combat training for 9 weeks. After boot camp an enlisted Armor crewmember will attend individual advanced training to receive skills to operate as a trained Armor crewmember.




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Dear Sir/Madam:

I am currently visiting the USA from Australia and was watching the Military channel on TV. In the program they ran a story on the Abrahams tank and its crew. Whilst interviewing the the crew,one
item they spoke of was how hot it was in the turret, particulary in desert conditions.

I am curious as to why they do not run some type of air-conditioning system on the tank.

I drive Road Trains in Western Australia in which we regulary operate in 100-120+ degree conditions,
particulary in the north of the state. We use an Icepak 2000/4000 that is mounted to the chassis rails
of the truck and is remotely operated from the sleeper cab allowing us to sleep in the heat. It may be
possible that these units can be mounted to the tank so as to keep the crew comfortable whilst in operation.

Regards: Duane Deturt

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