Military Job Training Benefits

One of the best places to gain job skills is serving in the United States Military. There are programs in the military in the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps that if you qualify, you can get apprenticeship career credit while building your job skills on active duty. The Military Apprenticeship program is a training program that is well defined and it allows active duty Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy Personnel to work in their military job on active duty while making progress on different elements of civilian apprenticeship. The Department of Labor participates and runs the program for the United States Military Apprenticeship program. They sponsor the apprenticeship program including a set of standards that relate what is necessary to participate in the program. It gives technical instruction credit, and on the job training to accompany their active duty military participation. The vocational industry apprenticeship program is free and it does not require any participation off duty. It gives the participating Servicemember a certificate upon completion of the program that is recognized throughout the United States, and certifies that the applicant has completed the apprenticeship program. Each of the different apprenticeship programs is broken down into skill set areas that have a specific amount of hours required for each skill area. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The program is industry driven and a great benefit to the vocational and technical industries because of the trained candidates for employment that are produced by the participants. An apprenticeship in this program can earn half of the requirements for a civilian apprenticeship OJT program by participation in the military program. Each of the programs featured in the vocational apprenticeship military program requires between 2 thousand and 10 thousand work hours to complete. The program is scheduled for between 1 and 5 years in duration, with each year representing about 2 thousand hours of apprenticeship. You are eligible if you are on active duty in the Marine Corps, Navy or Coast Guard, have currently a high school diploma or GED, have enough time to complete the program while on active duty, and if you currently or will currently serve in a vocational Service job that qualifies for the program. Military Servicemembers who separate from military service who have served an apprenticeship in this program are highly valued and sought by employers, and the Servicemember who completes this program has a lot of employment opportunities and options over those who do not participate and complete this military supported OJT apprenticeship program.




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