Navy Paralegal Specialist

A Navy legalman or paralegal works as an important part of the Navy Justice system. They work to assist Navy lawyers and Judge Advocates, as well as serving in the legal office of any number of Navy units. Navy paralegals serve to assist unit commanders and Navy lawyers to provide administrative support and legal support in judicial legal issues, contract law, defense and prosecution of Navy personnel accused of violations of the UCMJ and other legal matters. A Navy legalman will work to assist on legal claims and appeals, to record and document issues of legal importance, and document and record Navy court issues and occurrences. A Navy paralegal will work to provide and prepare records of courts of inquiry, court martial, courts of inquiry, and various legal hearings. They work to provide direct administrative support for lawyers at each level of the Navy court and legal system, and are an invaluable link in the Navy system of justice. A Navy legalman keeps track of records, manages office functions and assists in official protocol. Enlisted individuals in the field use their writing, communications and people skills to help the Navy and its personnel in a variety of issues having to do with the legal and justice field. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You could assist a JAG attorney in a matter of case litigation for Navy personnel, or you may work for a Fleet officer or Admiral in preparation of official reports and correspondence. Serving as a legal man in the Navy you are relied upon for your ability and skill, and you are left to work with little supervision much of the time. Sailors serving in this job fieldwork to assist sailors, JAG officers, Judges, and Servicemembers and their families in legal issues. A Navy legal man or paralegal will serve as an office manager, work to prepare legal forms, reports and correspondence, as well as serve as an office legal support staff. To qualify to study to be a paralegal in the Navy you have to have a high school diploma, and be able to type at least 30 words per minute. You will attend Navy boot camp for 9 weeks, and learn the ins and outs of being enlisted in the United States Navy. After boot camp you will attend a 10-week school consisting of both classroom training and simulated field experiences.




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As someone who is interested in international law, what skills would I acquire to further benefit my career? How would being a Paralegal Specialist in the Navy set me apart from other Paralegal Specialists in other military branches as well as others not in the military?

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