How About A Career As An Engineering Enlisted Navy Specialist

Navy enlisted Engineer specialists literally work on every system that is aboard a Navy vessel. You may be assigned to work on a nuclear power career, and deal with the systems and sub systems involved in a nuclear vessel, or you could work on other systems on the 97 thousand ton vessel that provide power, energy, lights or other options.

What Will Be Expected!

Sailors that work in the engineering field should be individuals that are take charge, and that can deal with situations that need maintenance and upkeep, as well as troubleshooting systems for repair and replacement. Sailors trained in this field are specialists and highly trained in propulsion, computer, electronic and other advanced systems. Intricate types of weapons systems, power generating systems as well as vital computer and navigations systems are maintained by the Navy enlisted engineering department. Working in this specialty you will have a number of different duties, some of your duties may involve maintaining and repairing electric power equipment, operation and control of turbo generators used to produce electricity, air conditioning and refrigeration plant operation and maintenance, and operation and maintenance of propulsion systems.

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One of the more high profile job duties Navy engineering specialists work with is the generation of nuclear propulsion and nuclear power plants. This is very detailed in depth work that requires a lot of time and accuracy on the part of maintenance personnel. In addition to working on Nuclear power plants a Navy engineering specialist works on technical deception and detection radar equipment, aircraft electrical and instrumentation equipment, and advanced weapons systems.

Training to become a Navy Engineering specialist involved 9 weeks of basic training in the Great Lakes Navy Boot camp. After basic training you will advance to Navy Class A school for 17 weeks where you will study to become a specialist in the various area of engineering that you choose to specialize in. You may be involved in dealing with any number of different training scenes, both in simulated field conditions and in classroom training. You will study basic electronics and electrical theory, pneumatics and hydraulic theory basics, as well as training on some of the most state of the art machinery in the Navy arsenal.

Work as an Engineering Enlisted Navy Specialist may call for you to train at varied locations all around the world. You will have opportunities as a Navy Engineering specialist to travel and see different duty stations around the world. Go to for more information.




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how many years of college are necesary to be an naval engineer. Beacause I am probably going to go into the navy once I graduate college.

Would I have a different rank entering the navy if I went to college before I enlist?

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What is the required amount of college years required to be an naval engineer? Are there any other requirements needed if so what?

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11 Some might argue that this next item is a reason to stay in the navy, but I say its actaully not a true reason to stay in the NAVY. College is free in the NAVY, and I say sure, I got a free Masters Degree while I was in, which helped me get a descent job. But typically all decent jobs will pay for you to goto college. Now this is with the company I work for but other company’s do provide similar benefits. I get a training slush fund of 2 Grand to spend on whatever training I want, and I get 1 Grand to buy any equipment I want that furthers my training every year. Also I get free college to complete any additional degrees that I pursue, however with the company I work for you must receive a “B” to be fully reimbursed, which is typical with other companies that I’ve seen. 12 This one applies more to E6’s and up. The amount of time spent on this goes from I dunno a week down to about 20 mins. With my company they have 3 to 5 objectives, did you meet (yes/no) and then explain why you didn’t or how you did. No more complicated lines trying to state how wonderful you are. What did you do and how did you do it in as many or as few words as you want. 13 As long as it looks like you are busy, for the most part you are left alone, notice I didn’t say actaully working. 14 You can goto ANY doctor you want, provided they take your companies insurance. 15 This was sort of loosely stated before, but if you feel sick don’t come in, holy crap there is another concept for you, no need for a chit stating that you don’t feel well. 16 How could this one get so low on the list, but you actaully get paid real money, after leaving the military my salary went from an E6 with 8 years to a civ with a salary well over 6 figures. 17 Vacation, you only get charged for the time you are away from work, weekends are not included in this, so if you are out for 4 weeks you get charged for 20 days, likewise if you leave for a half a day or cut out 2 hours early you only get charged 4 hours or 2 hours of leave respectively.

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