Information System Specialist

The modern Navy of the United States relies a great deal on computers and information technology. The systems Information Specialist in the Navy works to maintain and keep in high operational readiness all of the different computer and electronics Information systems that the Navy uses on a daily basis. On a large vessel such as an Aircraft Carrier, there are literally thousands of computers that are either part of the ships network, or part of closed on board ship intranets. No matter what the configuration, the Information specialist is a specialty that will take a person into a wide variety of environments working on some of the newest and most modern state of the art electronics to be found anywhere. Computers acting at the direction of humans literally run the Armed Forces of today. They control equipment, make course corrections, and perform thousands of tasks that previously in earlier times were done by hand. Their usage is not only convenient but also relied upon, so their accuracy and dependability is a huge issue in keeping the Navy ready for action. The Navy Information Systems Specialist works to make sure that all electronic and computer systems are functioning well and operational. Computers assist in detecting and tracking the enemy, using radar, radio, and other types of electronic detection the Navy is able to keep track of the activity and actions of the enemy. Working on Computer Information systems is highly complicated, and takes a person who is detail oriented and patient. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The United States Navy has more than 4100 different aircraft and over 300 ships, and in each of these ships there are computer and computer hardware and software that must be kept operational and maintained. Specialists in this Navy field operate, install and maintain the systems and high tech gear to perform the fleet mission and operations. Working in this field also directly impacts our national security and safety, not to mention making sure that the Navy is at fleet readiness at all times. Individuals serving in this career specialty in the Navy often have to qualify for a secret or top secret clearance because of their handling and exposure to classified and highly important information. Sailors in this field are crucial to the importance of keeping a ships and the Navy fleet at large computer systems functioning properly and running smoothly.




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