Navy Chemical Officer Careers

A new line of defense lies in the chemical, biological and Nuclear weapons arena. Those Navy officers who work as chemical Officers are specially trained to deal with different types of weapons threats, no matter what type of threat that they pose. Navy Chemical Officers help defend against and handle Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons, or NBC Weapons. They are also the ones that are the experts in dealing with weapons of mass destruction. The Commander of a particular unit is advised by the Chemical Officer in his unit on all issues that deal with nuclear, radiological, biological, or chemical weapons, and their effects on homeland protection. Chemical Officers are responsible to use chemical units to help defend and combat against the effects of flame, smoke, chemical and other weapons on the battlefield. The overall duties of a Navy Chemical Lieutenant can include many different tasks. Some of these jobs can involve coordination of Chemical soldiers and equipment at all different levels of command from the lower platoon level, up to the company and battalion level, and even higher levels of soldier involvement. This can include both U.S. and Coalition type involvement, but also coordination of NBC defenses with other nations and international operations. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The duties of a Navy lieutenant Chemical Officer can involve controlling chemical operations and commanding forces involved in chemical and biological operations in peacetime and combat operations, and advising commands of course of action for attacks by forces using NBC weapons. The training for a Navy Chemical Weapons officer involves Chemical Officer Basic Course completion, and working in further training in the field with units of chemical, biological and Nuclear weapons prevention. This is a training that is done both on the unit level and in the classroom, and it is the type of training that is ongoing, the Chemical Officer has to keep abreast of any changes that take place in the world of Chemical weapons defense. First is receiving your commission in the Navy as a Ensign, then you will attend Chemical Weapons School where you will learn to deal with chemical, Nuclear, Biological and other weapons of mass destruction threats. You will learn how to mobilize soldiers and prepare units for decontamination, as well as steps to take when a NBC type attack has taken place.




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