Network System Switching Careers

The Army has an extensive computer system, one that has nodes placed around the world. Working for the Army as a Network System specialist can involve dealing with small networks between offices, or providing switching support for networks connecting different Army military facilities over long distances. You will work with control centers, combat radios, and electronic switches, between local Army units, and headquarters units and units in the field. Computers are used in every different environment in the military and working in the Army Network System Switching specialty will provide you with training in working with many different computer systems. As a Network switching System specialist, you will work on maintaining computer network equipment, and communications network equipment and switches. You will use electronic testing equipment to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with switching equipment, and different computer system problems. You will train on switches and network equipment systems, and communications network equipment. You will learn how to install and repair specific computer equipment and how to use diagnostic equipment that is designed specifically for nodal and network system repair. Job training starts with basic combat training for 9 weeks where you will be instructed in basic Army soldiering skills. After Basic training you will attend individual advanced training for 17 weeks including classroom and hands on training. You will work in simulated field situations learning how to repair and replace networks that fail and replacement of computer elements. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. If you have an interest in computer systems and networks, or experience with switches and computer systems, or if you have any experience with electronics or computer repair, this may be the job specialty for you. This is a job specialty that is great for people with a knack at mathematics or physics, or good at solving problems. Advanced level Network systems Switching personnel work as supervisors in Army Network switching centers. They perform as logistics network control center managers and support staff during different Army operations. Training received as an Army Network systems specialist will provide you with many different civilian opportunities working in telecommunications, Internet service providers, and other types of communications businesses. You may qualify for various types of employment with different government agencies dealing with communications or telecommunications. This is a program that works with the Army PaYS program.




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