Religious Assistant Military Careers

Working in the military as a Religious assistant you will work closely with a military Chaplain, dealing with the needs of military personnel and their families. Service as a Religious Assistant can be with any denomination, and you will be tasked to a specific chaplain that will work with any member of the military or Servicemember family that needs spiritual support or encouragement. A religious assistant or chaplain’s assistant can be tasked with providing for the unit ministry team worship services and programs. Serving in the military as a religious assistant you have different kinds of duties that involve dealing with people on many levels. You will likely be responsible for the physical security of the unit ministry team, and unit ministry equipment and facilities. This generally means that you will serve to provide physical protection to the chaplain, and the unit facility that the chaplain uses for services. You will also be responsible for safeguarding offerings and donations, as well as making sure that privileges communications are kept secure. You will work to set up and arrange memorial ceremonies, and even work to organize different types of religious events and religious retreats. Part of your job may involve maintaining the religious items and vestments of the chaplain, depending on the denomination of the chaplain you are assigned to. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Training for all military religious assistants starts with basic training, no matter which service you participate in. After basic training you will work to attend advanced school for between 7 and 9 weeks depending on the service you enlist in, where you will learn clerical and office skills, and typing training. You will learn how to prepare correspondence and forms, and work to touch up your spelling, English punctuation and grammar. You will also spend time learning about background and religious history. After you have trained and receive your first assignment, you will progress to your first assignment. You will work closely with your chaplain, and keep records to support the efforts and mission of the chaplain you work with. If you have office skills, or a preference in working in the ministry field this may be a positive job for you to work in. Skills learned as a religious or chaplains assistant can be used in positions in civilian life with synagogues, churches and mosques.




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