Apache Helicopter Maintenance Careers

There are literally hundreds of missions that Army Aviation affects, from patrol to transport, flight weapons training, to other types of training and support missions. The Aircraft must have their weapons, landing gear, ignition and engine systems, lights, flight controls and instruments supplied with electrical power, and it is the job of the AH 64 Helicopter flight maintenance and repair technician to keep their rotary wing aircraft in tip top shape. Each of the AH 64 aircraft that is in the Army arsenal has its own repair crewperson; assigned to make sure that their aircraft is in top flying condition. The AH 64 electrical armament systems repair and maintenance specialist is the person that is responsible primarily for depot, intermediate, and unit maintenance for the AH 64 apache helicopter. The Apache is a primary Army rotary wing aircraft that has different Pneudraulics, mechanical and electronic systems that need continual maintenance repair and service. The Apache is a four blade, twin engine multiple mission attack helicopter used to support Army missions and to attack and perform individual and team missions for the Army. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Some of the responsibilities that a Apache electrical and armament system specialist has include troubleshooting, repairing and diagnosing malfunctions in the Apache helicopter, in its electrical, avionic and armaments systems, and components. The Apache repair specialist has to routinely inspect and troubleshoot his helicopter for electronic and avionics issues, as well as perform daily and periodic testing to make sure that all systems are in top running order. The Apache technician works to perform needed periodic maintenance, alignment and installation of fire control units, weapons systems, sighting elements, as well as engine and transmission repair, change and modifications as necessary. Duties of the Apache repairperson include troubleshooting wiring and electronic harnesses, and performing operational and preventative checks on all avionics and control surface systems. Working on an Apache attack helicopter is a challenging but rewarding Army specialty. It requires a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Training for Apache helicopter maintenance takes place after basic combat training, you will attend a technical school for individual advanced training to learn the basics of helicopter and avionic repair. Training that you receive to become an Apache helicopter repair technician will enable you to gain civilian employment with aviation companies, or companies that perform helicopter or avionics repair.




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i m retired colonel from egyption air force i have experiance 7 year inAH64-A and 8year inAH64-D IM looking for a job in apache please send me

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