Defense Acquisition University Programs

There is a program offered by the Army to help an enlisted member obtain a college education, and to assist a Servicemember to transition from Active duty to attending college full time. The program is called the Flexible Education Defense Acquisition University Program, or DAU for short. It involves a study program that is flexible and works to try and match personnel in the Army with different educational objectives, through a partnership and a set of strategic agreements. All current, future and former students of the DAU program are able to arrange to use the program and to work to earn both undergrad and graduate certificates and degrees at one of the different educational sponsoring institutions. There are specific degrees and certificates that are offered as part of the strategic partnership offered between the educational sponsor institutions and the Army enlisted individual. The overall number of vocational careers and academic career fields sponsored changes over time, but there are quite a number currently being offered in the area of undergrad certificates, undergrad degrees, graduate certificates, and graduate college degrees. A large part of the DAU program is available through distance learning on the Internet and via correspondence courses. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! An example of two of the partner organizations and educational facilities that are participants in the Army DAU program is the Maryland University College, and also the University of Maryland. These are two schools that offer both in person educational programs, correspondence courses, as well as various distance learning opportunities to students who are participating in the DAU program. While this is just two of the several institutions participating in the program there are a number of colleges and universities, which are applying to participate in the program in the future. Locations and facilities that are DAU participants are located around the country in distance learning situations, and for in person education there are a number of facilities that are located in the Washington D.C. area. Right now the locations at other places around the world are growing, as yet there are only a few outside the Washington D.C. region where a person can attend classes in person on the DAU university program. A great deal of what the DAU program tries to accomplish is to bring together the individual Active duty or newly separated Servicemember to their ideal college career path. Using the Defense Acquisition University Program the individual Servicemember can receive assistance in getting credit for their practical military service Army experiences.




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