Military Education Hints And Tips

There are a lot of different reasons to enlist in the military; some of the best reasons involve getting an education. If you are truly vested in getting an education, you can find some of the best opportunities in funding your education through military service. The Montgomery Active Duty GI bill is one of the best sources as it has been changed and updated, it started out life as the Servicemember GI Bill for those soldiers after World War II, and since then Congress and various Presidents over the years have expanded and enlarged upon the GI bill idea. It provides funds to attend school after separation from the service, and remains one of the best ways to fund an education that there is. There are opportunities for attending school while you are still in the Service, each of the five Services in the United States Armed forces has some type of Tuition Assistance program. In brief, the Tuition assistance program pays for 100 percent of tuition and some other associated costs of an education while the Servicemember is on active duty. The TA tuition assistance program varies slightly from service to service but is available in some form in each of the five services. Part of going to school is to make sure that you are informed about what opportunities are out there for you to participate in while getting your education. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. As with anything else, in working to get your education, START EARLY. It is a good idea to apply early to colleges and Universities that you are interested in. If you are in the military on active duty, make sure that you start about one year before you are separated investigating and visiting colleges, wherever possible, to find out about the schools that you would like to attend. If it is not feasible to visit the school before separation, then go on the Internet and find out all the information that you can about the school File your Financial Aid paperwork as soon as possible after January 1st, to make sure that you are eligible for the most amount of aid possible. Some types of financial aid is given out first come first served, so waiting after March 1st is not a good idea, but its best to apply late than not at all.




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