Military Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Service in our Armed Forces is an honor and a privilege but many people after they leave the military have a service connected disability, or are unable to find work because of some type of employment handicap. Some of the people who have served on active duty and are veterans qualify for services with the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Service. This is an extension of the Veterans Administration that aids military veterans in finding employment, or to return to school. If a person has a VA disability rating, or an employment handicap, they can qualify for services with the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation service. Even veterans that do not think they qualify are able at times to qualify for certain types of veteran’s job support benefits and assistance.

Trouble Adjusting To Civilian Life?

Funds from the Veterans Administration funds Vocational Rehabilitation programs that operate in all fifty states in the U.S.A. The VR service for veterans can be a positive benefit to help veterans who are having vocational difficulty or having trouble readjusting to civilian life. There are many programs offered and sponsored by the VA for veterans that can make the difference in finding gainful employment, or in just getting back on track for a military Vet. Chapter 31 funding under the Montgomery GI bill covers the expenses incurred from Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation services, and their services are at no cost to the Veteran.

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Some of the different benefits that you can qualify for to receive as a qualified military Veteran include Training and Counseling services, Job placement, educational support, career goal setting and testing, and other training as identified by you and your VR counselor. When you apply for services at the VR veterans center you will be teamed with a Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, who will sit down with you and talk about what you would like to do, what your goals are, and what you hope to accomplish in your future. After meeting with you, the counselor and you can set down on paper goals that you can then work toward meeting, to further your efforts in your vocational career path.

If you qualify for services with the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation program, you can get services that can make all the difference in the world, especially if you have any sort of service connected disability. You can receive assistance in identifying any physical barriers to a job or education, work to identify all the different possible options you have for employment or education, and work with your counselor to establish a person vocational and educational plan tailored just for you.




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