3rd HBCT And Iraqi Leaders Evaluate Scene

Leaders Take A Look At Success In Iraq Province There have been a lot of changes over the last year in the area of Forward Operating Base Hammer. The mission of the soldiers at FOB Hammer has changed and will continue to evolve. The leaders of the Mada’ In Qada joined together recently to discuss changes with the Coalition Leadership. The Iraqi Mission has gone well, and there are more changes ahead. The overall mission for the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team has been to make sure that insurgents and terrorists are not coming into the Baghdad area. “We have been successful in keeping insurgents out,” said Colonel Wayne Grigsby. Colonel Grigsby is commander of coalition forces, and the 3rd HBCT. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Over the last 8 months the 3rd HBCT has worked with local leaders to stop criminal elements and insurgents from getting a stronghold in the Mada In Qada area. Hammer Brigade has captured 43 high value individuals and killed over 160 enemy fighters. The 3rd HBCT Hammer Brigade inherited a region that had not had much of a presence in coalition soldiers. The local government had been chased away, and judges had fled. After the 3rd HBCT came on the scene, things slowly began to change. Much of the positive change has been due to Operation Iraqi Freedom, but were continued by actions of 3rd HBCT.




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