8th Cavalry Discover EFP Cache In Warij

Joint Patrols Yield Explosive Stashes Coalition troops working as part of a joint patrol discovered a number of EFP weapons and explosives in a cache in the region of Warij. The explosives and weapons were for a penetrators type of explosive and discovered in the Southern region near Baghdad in the community of Warij. 3rd Infantry, 4th BCT, 8th Cavalry, 6th squadron soldiers worked to gather the discovered explosives and compile them into one group. There were four EFP explosives hidden and a new 107 mm rocket system as well as a number of blasting cap materials. Over forty pounds of raw explosives and a rocket sled were also discovered. There was a guard at the location where the explosives were discovered that was taken into custody as it was believed that he was lying about the materials found inside. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The explosives cache was taken and moved to a nearby base for destruction by an Army EOD officers. Many of these explosives have been used in the area to mount attacks against coalition forces and Sons of Iraq Patrols, and finding and destroying these explosives will aid the coalition in fighting against insurgent forces in the region. The overall security situation in the province and surrounding area of Warij continues to improve. Much of the increased security is due to the actions and patrols of the Sons Of Iraq who are working to maintain various area security checkpoints.




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