The History of the United States Navy

The History of the United States Navy is very rich and storied. The Navy began with its inception in 1775, during the Revolutionary War. It began with the Continental Navy and was disbanded for a very short time after the Revolution. With the creation of the United States Constitution and adopted in 1787, the basis legally for a sea borne force of military ships and personnel was established. Congress further expanded the power by passing a law called the Naval Act of 1794, which created and equipped six Navy frigate vessels. The creation of a Navy was an issue of contention with the Continental Congress, many of the members were afraid of challenging the British Royal Navy.

When General Washington seized three vessels flying the British Flag near Massachusetts, Congress decided to add a few more vessels to them, and the U.S. Navy was born. Congress took this action on October 13th, 1775, and this has been adopted as the official Birthday of the Navy. The Continental U.S. Navy scorecard is a mixed bag, some victories and some defeats. At one point it had a high of 24 ships, and at another point it had only 2 vessels in active service. As Congress turned its attention to other matters after the Revolutionary War the Navy was disbanded for a short time from 1790 until its reestablishment in 1797 with the commissioning of three armed Naval Ships, the USS Constellation, the USS Constitution, and the USS United States.

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The United States Navy was brought into the new era of modern Naval warfare beginning in 1880 until 1907 with the addition of battleships, frigates and a number of other surface vessels. President Theodore Roosevelt ordered the US Navy on a 14-month world tour to demonstrate the capability of the new US Navy. The US Navy did not see very much action in World War I, but came into its own during World War II, and in the period since then.

The Modern US Navy is the most technologically advanced ocean going armed force in the world. It leads the world in technology, including the service of sailors working to advance the field of nuclear propulsion and nuclear engineering. The Navy served valiantly during World War II and was responsible for many victories at sea. The Navy fought with valor during Vietnam, was used to blockade Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and has supported our Armed Forces in every major Armed Conflict since.




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