Civilian Navy SEAL Training: Up For The Challenge?

Navy SEAL training programs for civilians are rising in popularity in communities all around the country. As more people are looking to become fit and live a healthy lifestyle, many seek out programs to optimally challenge their mind and body. Many of these courses are taught by former Navy SEALS who know exactly what training is needed to push your body to new limits and achieve prime physical condition.

Why Consider Navy SEALS Training?

There are numerous reasons individuals seek out Navy SEALS training. Some do it to prepare for entering into the armed services or to see if they are up to the challenge of becoming a Navy SEAL.

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Other people decide to try training like a Navy SEAL to help train for a marathon or other sporting event and some do it just to get healthy and fit. Even Olympic athletes have been signing up for Navy SEALS training courses in order to push themselves to new levels, to develop better team work capabilities and to help them become mentally focused on winning gold.

No matter what your reasons are for signing up or your particular goals, if you put your heart and soul into the program you can expect to be pushed to new heights and achieve amazing results.

What to Expect During Navy Seal Training

Training to be a Navy SEAL will push you to limits beyond your wildest imagination. If you decide to join a course, expect to work harder than you ever have in your lifetime. Many start only to drop out, finding the challenge is too much to live up to. Training sessions vary by location with some offering an hour and half or more of training each day to overnight camps where you will live and train just like a Navy SEAL. Some are taught at high tech facilities while other courses may be taught at local community parks. Some courses include training in firearms, military style martial arts, skydiving and more.

Be Prepared For Mental Challenges

While a good part of your training will be physical, you should also expect your mind to be challenged like it never has before. Your mind is very powerful and can help you get through situations you never thought possible. You will learn to focus on the task at hand, shutting everything else out. For real Navy SEALS this can be the difference between life and death.

Being A Team Player Is Essential

While you might sign up for a Navy SEALS course to meet personal goals, be prepared for a team training approach. While your individual success is essential, Navy SEALS must be able to work together in the most critical of conditions. Training will include team challenges that work towards common goals.

Before Enrolling: Be Prepared For the Challenge Ahead

If you are contemplating signing up, make sure you are ready for the challenge ahead and that you have met any course prerequisites. You should never sign up for a course if you are not already physically fit and some classes will require you to pass a fitness test before being accepted into the program. Only individuals who are highly motivated and not afraid of being challenged beyond their capabilities should enroll. Those that do sign up and complete a course will soar to new unimaginable heights.

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Hey Destin, you can serve your country using your skills for many easier jobs (if that is your primary reason for BUDS). Trust me, if you go to BUDS and ‘succeed’… you need to GO TO BUDS with zero doubt. If there is one single shred in you that has doubt, you will not succeed. Most, if not all the BUDS candidates that survive Hell Week, would not quit even if their life depended on it. As far as preparation, call your Navy recruiter and ask about BUDS trainer in your area. If not, start taking 2-4 mile cold water swims (55 degree water as the Pacific) and running in boots and deep sand if avail. Are you calm under water even when harassed? Tons of videos and books re BUDS. But above all, it’s begins and ends about your ‘heart’ to succeed and perseverance/desire ‘not’ to quit.

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