Businesses to Start during Military Retirement

People entering military retirement have a wide variety of options available to them for what to do next. Many people go into civilian jobs related to the type of work they did while in the military; while others decide to start their own business.

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Here is some information and ideas about businesses to start when you retire from the Military:

From the Barrack Room to the Board Room

You’ve left the military and having assessed the job market, you decide the best option is to run your own business during your military retirement. An increasing number of veterans are coming to this decision and franchise organizations are welcoming them with open hands with companies like VetFrans offering help including discounted franchise fees.

What Business are Available to You?

The first thing to do is asses what skills you can bring to the new business. It could be management, administration, fire-arms specialist; it could be leadership or work ethic. Whatever role you had in the military you will have valuable skills that can be transferred to running your own business.

What Environment Do You Want to Work in?

Decide what you want your future working environment to be. Do you want to be in an office or out in the field? Do you want to be hands on or run a management business where you organize the staff?

How Much Do You Have to Invest?

The amount of capital you can invest in your new business is crucial to what business you can begin. Though many businesses can be started on a shoestring, be sure to budget for working capital and expenses such as insurance.

What About a Franchise?

If you wish to join a franchise there is plenty of help for the military veteran and you can choose from over 2000 businesses. Categories range from Automotive to Cleaning, through Computers, Personnel, Pets and Travel. Good choices for ex-military are Automotive including Car Cleaning and Repair Services. Cleaning and Maintenance franchises are often cheaper to start and provide a good income. The choice of franchise is really down to the area that you wish to work in and the capital you can raise, as most franchises will train the new applicants to run the business successfully.

Starting on Your Own

If you wish to start a business on your own there are many that lend themselves to the retired veteran. This is just a taste of what is available.

Self Defense

Self defense is a real growth area with thousands of people taking up classes every week. This is an easy and cheap business to start up and will utilize your military skills. You can do one to one training in a client’s home or hold classes at a local school or club.

Firearms Training

You will need to be certified and it would be best if you align yourself with a local club but this also works well for retired military. Your skills and experience will be well respected.

Security Consultant

Today’s Security Consultant does more than install an alarm. It would be your job to assess the family, or company’s needs. You would be in charge of physical security as well as virtual and identity security and developing an all round plan to keep your clients safe.

There are many other businesses that you could start during your Military Retirement from office based franchises to survival skills training. You have plenty of transferable skills make the most of them and enjoy your new career.




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