Forces Discuss Operation Piledriver

Joint Operation Deemed Successful Members of the Iraqi Government, local tribal leaders and sheikhs, Iraqi Army and Police officials, and members of the Coalition forces all met together on May 1st at the Iraqi Army Compound in Mahmudiyah to talk about Operation Marne Piledriver. The Operation is a capacity building effort which began on April 15th with dismounted patrols, an air assault, and has been aimed at pushing out any lingering members of the Al Qaeda movement, as well as identifying any criminal elements in the Mahmudiyah region. Since the early days of Operation Marne Piledriver, a number of different efforts and projects have started to improve the stability of local economics and government in the region. “We are seeking to build trust among groups here in the Qada, and we want to hear the ideas of the people,” said Sheikh Abu Amar. Sheikh Abu Amar is the Qada Council Chairman in Mahmudiyah. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The MNF Center Commanding General, Major General Rick Lynch pointed out to the assembled officials that as short as 14 months ago there was daily violence in Mahmudiyah, which now sees maybe only a few incidents each week, if at all. “All of the security in the region has been greatly improved due to everyone focusing on security, all the players at the table,” said General Lynch. The success of Operation Marne Piledriver has led to the generation of money, resources and energy to pay for a new water treatment plant, which is expected to supply 85 – 90 percent of the entire qada with fresh clean water.




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