Medical Soldiers Assist In Mock Disaster

Coalition 47th Support Battalion Perform Mass Casualty Drill You never know when an emergency will occur, and because of this it is very important to train for those types of situations and plan ahead. Members of the coalition worked with members of the Iraqi Military and Police recently to hold a mock disaster casualty drill near Forward Base Hammer. When a large scale mass casualty occurs, all medical personnel available are summoned in, and those that cant help with the treatment of wounded are set up to do emergency medical triage. The Medical personnel from the 47th Forward Support Battalion along with the medics from Forward Base Hammer all worked together, and pressed other personnel who are not medically trained from the base and from the joint Iraqi and Coalition forces to help in the drill. “The thing you see in mass casualties is you are never able to respond perfectly, but you can practice and get a lot closer than not practicing,” said Staff Sgt Chad Wilson, attached to the 47th FSB. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This is an event that raises the level of military readiness and professionalism among not only the medical staff, but among the soldiers who are called to respond and participate in the drill. By practicing what to do in a mass casualty solders are not overwhelmed if and when the real thing occurs.




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