Medal of Honor Winner Encourages Companies to Hire Military Veterans

The US Marines only living Medal Of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, announced in Washington DC that if businesses ‘Want to thank a veteran, I can tell you how… hire them’.

Meyer asked the audience, “How many employers are looking for teamwork, promptness, accountability, and managing personnel in stressful environments? “ Meyer went on to say, “Quite a few… and that’s what every single veteran who raises his right hand to serve our military can bring to the table. They’ve proven it.”

Meyer received his prestigious Medal of Honor medal as a result of rescuing and saving more than 30 lives during hostile Taliban fire while serving in Afghanistan. There are numerous benefits that military veterans do bring to the party for each and every business owner and corporate employer. Here are just a few:

Proven Team Player – Relationships may not be everything, but they would be a close second if not. When life is on the line (as it often is in military situations), you have to be able to depend on other team mates. Likewise, they have to rely on you. In fact, such valued trust all begins in basic boot camp whenever the entire ‘team’ is required to answer the call of any single team member’s failure. Even Seal Team operatives works in platoons and every swimmer is required to have a ‘swim buddy’ throughout BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal) training. Want to see true life ‘cancer’ in your company… hire a someone with a bellicose attitude who can not be trusted not to mention they just doesn’t like getting along with others. In the military, ‘team players’ are not only important, but vital!

Results Orientated – Veterans are ‘mission focused’ and are trained to succeed at all costs. If they do not succeed, at worst someone’s life could be in danger. With this ‘no excuses’ attitude, employers should see success quicker and sooner without complaining, i.e. long hours, not perfect environment, etc. All to say, veterans are more adaptable and with that comes a stronger work ethic resulting in corporate success!

Leadership – All branches of the military (Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Air Force and Coast Guard) perpetually seek to develop stronger tangible ‘leadership’ in all ranks. Enlisted and officer. In fact, each and every military member has a ranking and is paid accordingly. Leadership accommodates responsibility. With this responsibility, veterans are accustomed to being challenged and to promptly think-on-their-feet. Leaders are rewarded with advancement which leads to greater responsibility. Notable accomplishments is a constant in the military as the opportunities abound.

In summary, there are many other reasons to hire a military veteran from potential tax credits to having trusted employees with ‘secret’ security clearances. But none may be as important as contributing back to your country. Each military veteran has already proven a brave heart and ‘serving’ their country was a priority in their life. They understand the word ‘honor’. They desire to ‘protect’ friends, family and home land. They do not want a hand out nor expect it.

All to say, once you hire a veteran and you stand up and ask someone to volunteer for an ungrateful nonpopular task… don’t be surprised if a national hero is first to raise their hand.

By Larry Fowler, BUDS Class 89, Publisher




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