Marine Corps Advanced Rank Benefits

When you enlist in the Marine Corps, there are some situations that may allow you to benefit from a higher rank when you leave Boot Camp. There are some things that you can do or be involved in that will help you to leave Basic Training at a higher level, as an E-2 Private first class, or in some situations as an E-3 Lance Corporal. If you meet certain requirements and basic factors then you may be qualified for advance rank, but these are things that you have to have done or completed before you enlist in the United States Marine Corps. The level of any advanced rank will be based on the situation individually that you are in and the qualifying factors, if any that you have. Some of the factors involved in a increase in rank at the end of boot camp can include: Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts: The Marine Corps recognizes the benefits of Scouting, and the discipline and positives traits that it helps develop. If you have advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout while in Scouting, you can possibly qualify for advanced rank placement with the Marine Corps. Scouting requires training, loyalty, and discipline and the Marines recognize that as an Eagle scout you have had some of the basics that they will expand upon in boot camp. College Coursework: Each of the Armed Forces in the modern era recognize and give credit in different ways for college level coursework that you may have completed. If you have achieved 18 quarter hours or 12 semester level hours of college coursework, with an average grade of a C or Better, then you may be qualified for Marine Corps advanced rank placement after basic training. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Prior Service: If you have served in a previous service and received an honorable discharge, the Marines recognize your prior service. You may qualify if you have had at least 6 months of active duty service, not counting your prior basic training and initial service school. Prior service in the enlisted job or specific specialty that you will serve in with the Marine Corps is also especially make you valued. ROTC: If you have served as a ROTC candidate, or Junior ROTC with two years or more experience at either level then you may qualify for Marine Corps Advances Rank. Both ROTC programs are issued credit taking for granted that you graduated from High School.




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