Benefits of Serving as Nurse in the US Military

In war times, the men and women serving in the military are bound to get injured. In peace times, the officers, veterans and their families need quality nursing and medical care. For these two reasons, the US Military – US Army, US Navy and US Air Force – places particular emphasis on recruiting nurses. Here are some of the benefits serving the military as a nurse:

The Military pays Your Nursing Tuition Fees

You can become a nurse in the military by joining as an already trained nurse or train as a nurse in the military. Either way, the military is well able to pay for your nursing education. Congress has given each branch of the military enough funds to pay for all your tuition fees plus other expenses.

You are encouraged to join the military as soon as you finish your civilian nursing training. This way, the military can pay your loan. Subject to certain requirements, the military can pay up $50000 in nursing loan fees. They pay $20,000 in the first two years and $10,000 in the third year.

Requirements for tuition Fees Reimbursement:

• You must agree to be on duty during your time of training.

• Offer your services to the military for at least 3 years.

• Pay back all tuition fees extended to you by the military for courses for which you failed.

• Be a registered nurse having passed all necessary exams.

Another advantage of joining the military immediately after training is that you will have an opportunity to specialize in a branch of nursing that you love. The military will pay tuition fees to train as a specialist nurse. After your training, you are eligible for bonus pay as a specialist. The most popular military nursing careers include:

• Critical care Nursing.

• Anesthetist nurse.

• Emergency Room Nurse.

• Perioperative Nurse.

With any of the above or any other specialist nurse training, you are eligible for $45,000 in special pay – $15, 0000 per year for 3 years.

Attractive Salary

In the military, it is virtually a guarantee that your salary will increase with time and as you go up the rank. Here is what you can expect to earn per data available in 2008:

• Basic salary $2555.70 to a maximum of 10,488.90 per month.

• Basic Housing Allowance (BHA) of between $600 and $2500.

• Basic allowance for Subsistence $202 per month.

Nurses are also eligible for the following allowances:

• Family Separation Allowance for those who are married and have children.

• While serving in combat zones, you are eligible for Hazardous Duty Pay.

• Specialty Pay.

• There are special allowance for nurses serving in ships, planes and submarines.

As a student nurse, the military also offers attractive stipends such as travel and seeing the World. Military Nurse.

The US military has over 26 nursing locations most of them located in the US as well as S. Korea and Germany. In peace times, you can choose to work in any of the hospitals. The US military also carries out special medical clinics and camps in different parts of the world. Student nurses are eligible to intern in any of the military hospitals.

Reserve Nurse As a reserve nurse, you get to work as a nurse in a civilian institution and are only called to duty when the military needs you. Reserve nurses are eligible for most of the benefits enjoyed by active duty nurses including tuition fees reimbursement. Since they do not work fulltime for the military, their salary is slightly lower. With a military background, they can easily make up for the difference working in civilian institutions.

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse but don’t know how to afford the tuition please consider a role in the U.S. military. Not only will they help pay for your tuition but you’ll also get to travel and serve your county.

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