Military Medical School Education Support

There are opportunities for individuals that want to become doctors by joining the military. Many of these chances are through the traditional openings, but there are also other programs. On such program is the F. Edward Herbert Medical University. It was started by the US Congress in 1972 and actually began education of nurses and doctors in 1976. It is a university where all the students received a free; taxpayer paid education so that the U.S. Military will have doctors and nurses for its different services. The Herbert University is a little different than many universities, it is very similar in some ways to one of the service academies, but its graduates are all members of the medical profession. It has become a center of excellent and is renowned around the world for the quality of graduates that it graduates. There have been a lot of discoveries and advances at the Herbert University by its research students over the years, disaster medicine, and treatment of tropical diseases are a couple of the themes that the doctors have excelled at. In return for their education the students at Herbert University must sign up for a term of commitment to the military of 7 years, but in return they receive a top-notch center of excellence 100 percent free university education. In addition the University offers a number of supplementary degrees that students who have gotten their degree there can return and receive additional educational opportunities. Both Doctorate and Masters degrees in biomedical sciences, health, public health and medicine, as well as traditional medical degrees are offered at the university. They have a new school of nursing that has also developed a cutting edge Family Nurse Practitioner program for students. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The first students from Herbert University were graduated in 1980, and the students and staff at USU work hard to keep their skills and their class work fresh and state of the art in medical professionalism. There are not any costs with attending the university, students attend as Uniformed Commissioned officers, and while military protocol is observed it is much more relaxed than at most military academy type learning institutions.




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