Want To Join The Military? Which Military Branch To Join

There are plenty of reasons to join the military, but before you can enlist you need to figure out which military branch to join. There’s no one size fits all answer and the best thing to do is to make a list of the pros and cons of each branch before you meet with a recruiter. Once you’ve narrowed down your decision to one or two branches, take your questions to a recruiter for answers before you enlist.


Which Military Branch To Join: The Air Force

The Air Force’s primarily focuses on a flying mission, however Airmen (the general name for both officers and the enlisted corps) don’t need to be pilots to serve. Airmen can become flight crews, maintenance staff (both in the air and on the ground), language experts, firefighters and navigators. The Air Force also has many general staff requirements, including medical staff, administrators, finance professionals and even chefs to support the branch’s mission.

Which Military Branch To Join: The Army

There are over 200 Military Occupational Specialties for soldiers in the Army. Soldiers can be translators, work with the Army’s helicopters (the BlackHawk, the Apache, the Kiowa and the Chinook), provide medical care to fellow soldiers, be an infantry soldier or provide other soldiers with supplies as a transportation soldier. The needs of the Army are quite varied, which means that it’s possible to do nearly every type of job if you decide to join the military via the Army.

Which Military Branch To Join: The Navy

If you’re interested in living life near an ocean, the Navy might be right for you. Many Navy branches are located near a coast, although there are some that are landlocked. Sailors can work on aircraft carriers or on submarines, become Navy SEALs, rescue other sailors at sea, become a pilot or a member of a flight crew. The Navy also has a full support staff, including fitness professionals, law enforcement, culinary artists, public affairs staff and nearly anything else potential sailors can imagine.

Which Military Branch To Join: The Marine Corps

Although most people think that the Marine Corps is its own military branch, it is actually a part of the department of the Navy. But don’t call a Marine a sailor! Marines do some of the toughest jobs in the military and Marines can have careers in field artillery, avionics, combat engineering, air traffic control and aircraft maintenance. While many people think of Marines in a strict combat role, they also complete a number of humanitarian missions across the globe.

Which Military Branch To Join: The Coast Guard

The last branch to consider is the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is actually a part of the Department of Homeland Security and not a part of the Department of Defense. Members of the Coast Guard protect the ports and waterways by sea and by air. However, that’s not all. Coast Guard members can protect the environment, work in human resources, manage the Coast Guard’s budget and take advantage of many other opportunities.

This is a very basic guide to which military branch to join — there’s no way everything could be included. Instead, consider doing a little research about joining the Armed Forces and then meet with a recruiter to talk about which military branch to join.




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