Find Your Ideal Career On The Marines Jobs List

When you join the Marines, you are signing up to be a first responder in a national emergency. If there is a conflict anywhere in the world, as a member of our country’s most elite combat force you will be there. Being available for combat when needed is the most important job a Marine can do, but the array of U.S Marines careers is fairly broad.

U.S. Marine Careers For Enlisted Personnel And Officers

Unlike in the civilian world where you might start a job and hope to ultimately rise to a management position, you can make a decision whether you want to be an enlisted person or an officer before you join the Marine Corps. If you want to be an officer, you should first obtain a college degree. As an officer, you will receive a higher rate of pay than enlisted personnel and will also command a higher off-base housing allowance or a larger home on base. Officers serve as supervisors and leaders of enlisted personnel in a variety of U.S. Marines careers. They report to a more senior enlisted member in a hierarchical structure that leads to the officer in charge. Enlisted personnel have considerable responsibility and often serve as instructors, paralegals, military police, weather forecasters, computer technicians, and hundreds of other jobs within 80 different categories. Recruits are trained on the job and often receive high level technical training that is either unavailable in civilian life or too expensive to obtain on your own.

The Marines Jobs List For Officers

Officers in the Marine Corps have access to the same 80 job classifications of U.S. Marines careers available to enlisted personnel. Whether classified as Warrant Officers, Limited Duty Officers or Unrestricted Line Officers, officers are leaders in their fields which include communications, engineering, criminal justice, aviation, linguistics, and many other areas. Some officers might find themselves in a command position in battle should circumstances require it.

The Marines Jobs List For Enlisted Personnel

All enlisted personnel have job opportunities that are categorized into Military Occupation Specialties (or MOS’s) within 80 broader classifications. For example, within the field of personnel administration, you might specialize as a personnel clerk, career retention specialist, Equal Opportunity Advisor, a substance control specialist, an administrative clerk, or more.

Qualifying For U.S. Marines Careers

Like all incoming service personnel, Marines qualify for certain positions on the Marines Jobs List by taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). This section of the test contains nine sections with scores clustered into area composites:
  • Electronics (EL) – based on standard scores for General Science, (GS), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), and Electronic Information (EI)
  • Mechanical Maintenance (MM) – based on standard scores for General Science (GS), Auto & Body Shop Information (AS), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), and Mechanical Comprehension (MC is construction utility and chemical maintenance based on GS plus AS plus MK plus MC)
  • General Technical (GT) – based on Verbal Expression (VE), and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
The previously separate categories of clerical, administrative, supply and finance (abbreviated as CL) have been merged into the GT category. Four specific areas of the ASVAB determine your admission score: word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, and mathematics knowledge. These for sections are known as the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT). To qualify for training in specific jobs, the recruit must achieve a certain score in pertinent areas of the ASVAB. For example, to be a metal worker a candidate must attain an MM score of 95 or more. A finance position might require a GT score of 110. Whether you have your sights set on being an officer or enlisted person, the Marine Corps has many career options aside from engaging in combat. Check with your recruiter about the great U.S. Marines careers that could be open you and check the Marines Jobs List to narrow down your interest.




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