A Different Way To Serve: Joining The National Guard

Did you know that you can be both a citizen and a military man or woman? As a member of the National Guard, you can enlist as a citizen soldier to serve the country and gain invaluable benefits for yourself. As part of the oldest military branch that dates back to 1636, you will be trained to quickly transition from your civilian life to the National Guard in case of an emergency. Joining the National Guard offers many benefits that will help you, your state, and the nation.

Benefits Of Joining The National Guard

As one of the largest employers in the country, the military has the same cost concerns as do private businesses. During peak times they need people, but require less staff other times. The National Guard allows the military to have trained personnel available who receive pay only when they are in service or training. From your standpoint, the National Guard offers you the chance to gain supplemental income by doing something worthwhile on an occasional weekend when not deployed. You will be paid while on active duty and during long-term training. As a fresh recruit with no prior experience, you’ll probably start out as an E-1, but your ranking and pay grade will improve with experience. There are numerous career options available within the Guard. You might even receive training that prepares you for the civilian job world or enhances your opportunities there. The options for National Guard careers are broad.

Benefits Of Joining The National Guard: Appealing Healthcare Options

As a National Guard member, you’ll have access to the military Tricare Reserve Select program. In return for a monthly premium and a small yearly deductible dependent on rank, you can insure yourself and your family for about $200 a month, with a small $100 yearly deductible. For pay grades of E-5 and above, the yearly rate jumps to $300 a month. The rates for the Tricare policies are much lower than ordinary civilian medical programs. When convenient, National Guardsmen can use on-post pharmacies and receive free prescriptions.

Benefits Of Joining The National Guard: Economical Shopping On Post

Military bases are known for their commissaries and their PX shopping opportunities. When Guardsmen shop on base, they can utilize the Exchange, or PX, for tax-free shopping on household appliances, furniture, clothing, and cosmetics. They can also stock up on groceries from the commissary. Both services sell brand-name products and offer them to the military at 5% over cost. If you use a commissary, you could save over 30% on your grocery bill. The stores are staffed by volunteer baggers, so be sure to tip them on your way out.

Benefits Of Training With The National Guard: Life Insurance

National Guardsmen and their families have access to low cost life insurance of up to $400,000. Premiums are low, and the insurance requires no health screens or questionnaires. For a job that takes two days a month and two weeks a year if you aren’t deployed, the National Guard offers a broad package of benefits. If you’re interested in learning more before joining the National Guard, contact a National Guard recruiter to see how the Guard might be a perfect opportunity for part-time service and a whole new world of National Guard careers.




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