Is The Military Right For You? Reasons To Join The Military

No matter who you are, you can probably think of a few reasons to join the military. Servicemembers usually join for a variety of reasons, but there are a few common themes. Learn about these common reasons to join the military and how each one can benefit you.

Reasons To Join The Military: Job Security

Although the civilian job market is recovering, it can be difficult to find a job. However, jobs in the military are plentiful. Add this to the fact that military downsizing is quite rare and you have a recipe for job security and stability that’s unrivaled in other industries.

Reasons To Join The Military: Healthcare Benefits

Civilian healthcare can cost thousands a year and that’s for healthy people! If you’re looking for a way out of high cost medical expenses, consider the military. Servicemembers are covered by Tricare Prime, which is a free program that provides medical care at local military treatment facilities. Family members can use Tricare Prime or pay a small yearly deductible for care that’s provided by civilian doctors through Tricare Standard. Reservists and Guard members can also receive healthcare through Tricare Reserve Select, which is similar to Tricare Standard. However, TRS members will need to pay a small, monthly premium.

Reasons To Join The Military: Patriotism

Other members enlist because of a strong need to serve. Soldiers, sailors, Airmen and Marines who are called to serve by their sense of patriotism often appreciate the sense of camaraderie that serving in the military provides.

Reasons To Join The Military: Education Benefits

Want to go to college, but think it’s too expensive? You’re not alone. Each branch of the military has its own tuition assistance program, which means that military members can attend school for free while on active duty. Additionally, servicemembers who sign up for the G.I. Bill during their first year can receive valuable education benefits when they separate from service. There are quite a few G.I. Bill programs, but the popular Post 9/11 G.I. Bill will pay for full tuition, a monthly housing stipend and provide a book allowance for each term a veteran is enrolled in a qualifying educational program.

Which Military Branch To Join

While all branches of the military offer some of the same benefits, you still need to ask yourself which military branch to join. If you want to live and work by water, consider joining either the Navy or the Coast Guard. If you’re looking for a career centered around airplanes, the Air Force will be your best bet. However, if you want to be an infantry soldier, you’re probably looking at either the Army or the Marine Corps. Deciding which military branch to join is a big decision and one that you shouldn’t tackle alone. Make a list of all your reasons to join the military and then meet with a recruiter from each branch to help make your decision an easier one.




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