US Army Receives Assistance for Energy Efficiency

The US Army has been known to find means of saving money as well as finding efficient ways of making energy work, all towards their benefit. This is especially true of the recent events that have unfolded for the US Army.

The US Army has received assistance from Honeywell, which is a company that aims to make the efficiency of energy use for all people much more susceptible. The program is set to take place in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, which is known to be the home of many tactical moves for the US military.

Fort Jackson will be the post that the US military will learn all about the military energy efficiency that is in place, as well as how to rebuild the infrastructure of the military with this new integration of efficiency. This is essential to the military, as it will teach many in the military how to regain monies back into the military’s system. The work that is slated to take place is estimated to cost the US Military approximately $5 million in funds, which is a very affordable amount of costs, considering the major restructuring of the military that will take place.

Honeywell will also be responsible for making sure that there will be an overhaul of the control systems that are being used by the US Army. The US Green Building Council is also a part of the Honeywell systems, which will inevitably make certain that all of the tactics and processes that are used to revamp the system are up to code.

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