Chief Enlisted Medical Officer Careers

You can work in the medical field in the military without becoming a commissioned officer. There are opportunities as a Senior Non commissioned officer in both the medical and dental fields, and also in medical commands as a nurse or nurse’s assistant. The senior position of a specific medical facility is called the Chief Enlisted Medical Officer. The person serving as the Chief Medical Non commissioned Officer works to perform a number of various functions and duties as senior advisor to Army Facilities, and Commanders and Directors of Dental and Medical Facilities. The Chief Non COM position works to give expert advice, and act as an advisor to Staff Agencies, Commanders, and Department chiefs, as well as Commanders and medical facility staff. The Senior Enlisted Chief medical Officer serves in medical related units, medical facilities, and multifunctional units in a variety of military units. It is a supervisory type position, responsible for training and supervising military medical personnel in their unit. The main responsibility of a Chief Medical NCO is to provide communications between senior commissioned officers, and enlisted medical service personnel, and to supervise the enlisted personnel and relay orders and commands to them. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Senior Medical NCO works to supervise enlisted personnel, and to act as liaison officer between medical staff workers and soldiers, supervising soldiers and activities to help aid in technical, tactical and operations unit training, and to assist unit organization operations. This is not an entry-level career choice but one that will occur after a long period of service working your way up the chain of enlisted command working in the military medical support field. The average Chief Enlisted Medical NCO has between 11 and 18 years of service in the medical enlisted field already. At some point you will have to participate in Senior NCO leadership training which will provide you with structure and training to act as Senior Medical NCO. Working as a senior Medical NCO is a privilege that is earned over a period of time, and one that gives you an advantage in serving your unit. You can often help affect policy and direct how certain issues of enlisted personnel matters are handled at your local unit level. This is not a position for shrinking violets, as the Senior NCO you will be expected to provide leadership and to help keep things running smoothly. You should be prepared to deal with conflict, and to make decisions. Working as a Senior Medical NCO Officer can put you on the spot for making decisions, in some cases, but it is also an earned honor, and is often the culmination of a long enlisted career.




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