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Every military service branch is only as good as its record keepers. If you have enlisted in the Marine Corps and are headed out to Basic Training one career job choice you may consider is working as a Marine Corps Personnel Clerk. One of the best jobs in the Marines in many ways, the Marine Corps Personnel Clerk is a person that always knows what is happening, and is on the inside track on new developments and things that are breaking news. As a member of the record keeping part of the Marines, you are a person that literally helps the organization keep going and keep the wheels turning, so you are never far from the action when new things come down the pike. A personnel and records clerk in the Marine Corps is responsible for all of the different administrative type services and tasks that occur in the Marine Corps. The work to input information, to deal with personnel and pay information, and to make sure that all of the information and record details about a group of people, or about individuals that are serving in the Marine Corps. The Personnel clerk uses a system of record keeping called the Marine Corps Total Force System, which functions using the Marine Corps Unit Diary, the Total Force System and the Student Retry level Management system. These types of data systems can be complicated, but serving in the Marine Corps as a data entry and Personnel Clerk Specialist is a very detailed position. The training that a person receives to serve in such a position gives a person a leg up on civilian employment in related fields after they leave the military. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Personnel Clerks can be staged in the units headed overseas. Each battalion and division stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan has its share of administrative personnel, so while it is true that you will likely sleep where its warm and dry because of your duties, its still possible to see action on the forward operating positions and bases overseas. Typical personnel clerk responsibilities include preparing bond requests, and personnel allotments, completion of personnel forms, documents and pay records, correction of Unit Diary entry issues, auditing information and individual service records, keeping track and insuring accuracy of unit pay and individual pay records, correction and feedback reports of pay and unit administrative records, and completion of personnel and unit payroll records.




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military dot image David A. Nungesser    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

This is the first time I had realized how informed a Personnel clerk
would have to be. This beggs the question for someone like me who is
looking for records involvihg myself and a jeep crash that occurred in 71′
while on active duty in Okinawa,Japan. Stationed with Mike Co. 3/4 3rd
Mar. Div. If this is a viable source please inform me or alert me to
this source.

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hey David, of course, we’re not the military nor associated with the government but I would call a local Marine recruiter or veteran affairs for contact info. Best, Larry

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