Not a Better Time To Become A Military Officer…. Find Military Friendly Colleges Here!

The benefits of utilizing a college degree to become an US Military officer are both immediate and far reaching. Military experience teaches discipline and increases self-esteem. It also provides individuals with the opportunity to use their ingenuity to provide unique solutions to complex problems in a variety of different circumstances.

The experience that is provided by serving as an officer in the US Military cannot be equaled in any other environment. Once out of the military, there are many more opportunities available from a professional standpoint for individuals who have prior military service as an officer.

Many individuals who served as an officer in the military have to worry much less than the general population about unemployment, as it is easier to find a job or start a new career when prior military service exists, especially when serving as an officer and when attending military friendly colleges.

As we have learned in 2012 and up to now, in addition to having a better chance of getting hired, individuals who have this experience also have less chances of being laid off due to budget cuts.

They also typically have more social connections than individuals who did not put in time with the military and therefore they are often able to develop opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. This can prove to be invaluable when either starting a new career with an established company or municipality, or when embarking on starting a new business.

In addition to the experience and problem solving skills that the military teaches its officers, the increase in self-esteem that is established as a result of serving one’s country cannot be equaled. This self-esteem will likely prove to be extremely valuable when striking out to begin a new career. When coupled with the additional skills that are provided by the military, people who served as military officers often find that they are much better equipped to handle the highs and lows that come with everyday life.

Get Hired First With Higher Pay
Perhaps the most appealing thing about serving as an officer in the military is that many companies and municipalities offer individuals hiring preference and are willing to provide a higher amount of pay from the beginning. This increase in pay is vitally important, especially in an economy where every individual is trying to save as much money as possible and many people are working two jobs in order to make ends meet. Having a higher paying job than the next person provides an added level of financial security that other individuals may not have the benefit of experiencing.

Serving in the US Military provides a great deal of personal and professional growth and often serves individuals well for the rest of their lives, even after they move to other careers. The higher rate of pay coupled with additional self-esteem and social connections makes it much easier for individuals who served as military officers to find lucrative employment later on in life.

In conclusion, do your homework and if you’ve decided to join the military, pick a branch. Check out and compare the jobs for the enlisted and officer corp. And don’t forget to factor the civilian career benefits long after your military service has been completed. Check out college career programs here for more free info.




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