Fearless: The Riveting Story About Navy SEAL Adam Brown

Repeat Book Review By Larry Fowler on Fearless!


That’s the best I can explain my feelings this morning after finishing reading ‘Fearless’ last night. A book authored by Eric Blehm reflecting the story of Adam Brown while serving on Seal Team Six.

The cover of this book reads, “The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown”, but take my word for it… it is this and so much more. And a profound ‘Yes’, this Adam Brown is an American hero as he was also fearless. But perhaps more importantly, he lived a life of ‘honor’ as a son, father, husband and a ‘daring’ example for us all to live by. If I may be so bold to say, if you miss these examples, you missed Adam’s purpose and desire to share his story prior to his own death.

All to say, if you want to read another SEAL book isolated around captivating BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training) and the alluring heroism while serving on the Navy special forces elite Navy team, you’ll get that here. Absolutely.

But then you’ll miss out on the true prize. The ‘bonus’ of witnessing a legacy of love and commitment. Take my word for it, this book will leave you scratching your head while blindly staring into your own bathroom mirror.

You see, Adam Brown Navy Seal story demands all of us to question the defining purpose of our own existence. Do we live a life worth living? Do we live a life for others or for ourselves?

And then we have Adam’s wife, Kelley.

Perhaps what makes this incisive story ‘monumental’ is not just Adam… but the loving commitment from Kelley. She gave her husband an endless source of encouragement, love, and forgiveness throughout Adam’s struggles with his drug addiction.

Bottomline, we all have our ‘addictions’ in life one time or another. But how extraordinary is it when our husbands, wives, family or friends sacrifice themselves at that unavoidable decisive moment of the fight vs flight. Tough love is never easy. Just ask Adam’s parents as they stepped aside from doing what was ‘easy’ to afford their son a chance for redemption.

There’s one word that cements all the love written all over the pages of this book. Simply, it is Adam’s ultimate faith. No question about it… without the portrayal of his love for Jesus Christ, this book would not be genuinely authentic as it now is. Needless to say, his faith was exalted as his life was awe-inspiring.

In summation, this book is about a fun spirited young man from Hot Springs Arkansas who then served on the same Navy SEAL team that ultimately killed Osama bin Laden. A man who spent time in jail with an addiction. A family that never gave up on him. A man who found his faith and inspired America.

Lastly, a man who made the ultimate sacrifice while on his final SEAL team tour in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan.

Let’s be honest. If Adam had his say in this, the book would not end here.

The next chapter will depend on you.

Learn more about Adam Brown here.




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Prayers go out to all the SEALs like Adam who invest their life to protect us

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Proof that drugs aren’t forgiving. They did the right thing though. Prayers to the parents…

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Having trouble finding the book online. Any1 know where I can find it?

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