Why Should Anyone Want To Join The US Military Especially Today?

Many young people growing up in America today feel lost in a society that seems without direction, and honor. Rules that should be the basis of the social contract by which we order our lives have often become mere suggestions, rather than the defined responsibilities of previous generations. The work ethic that propelled our fathers and mothers into the American Dream has been so demoted that many people consider hard work a sign of stupidity, subservience, and dis-honor. “Getting over” has become the modern means to success. “Selling-out” has come to mean the dedication required to begin at the bottom, and work one’s way to success.

The US Military reverses those trends.

Hard work, dedication, and self-sacrifice were once the keys to the American Dream, and remain so in military service. The path to success in the military is open to anyone with a sense of purpose, possessing passion, and persistence. Military rules apply to all, evenly, and honor is more than a word often dissed, rarely applauded. Life, as an adventure, is lived by those with the courage to adhere to their ideals, rather than succumb to the despair often seen in civilian life.

I’m not only here writing about it. I truly experienced the honor while serving in the Navy.

A young person looking to join the US military careers today may be sure that her efforts will earn the respect she deserves from others who have followed the same hard-won path to success that she is pursuing. She can be sure that all members in the US Military are held to same standards of accountability, and that those standards are strictly enforced to guarantee success for all those who meet those standards.

Whatever his background, a young man can count on being judged by the competence he develops through the training he receives; the same training at the same level and with the same opportunity as every other recruit. Instead of opportunities weighed in favor of privileged groups, the US Military offers its recruits opportunities based solely on their talents, desire, and discipline.

“Getting over” in the US Military isn’t just frowned on. It is impossible. The attempt dis-honored, and the result of such an attempt is professional failure.

“Selling out” in the military isn’t just frowned on, either. The oath a recruit takes on joining military service is to defend our Constitution against all enemies. “Selling out” is an act of treason.

The US Military isn’t a way out. It’s the way up.




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military dot image Am meshack hw cn i join the us army bt a nt a citizen?    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

My ambition is 2 b in army coz i love the job alot am just looking foward on how i can join but still I don’t know.

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hi, it’s easy to do the research to determine if you’re eligible. Just go online to usmilitary.com and read about the Army. If you’re still interested, just call or email your local Army recruiter to see what Army programs that you qualify for. Just do it and good luck.

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