Air Force Enlisted Small Arms Repairer

One of the basic jobs in the Air Forces is the Small Arms technician. He is the Air Force technician that will inspect, maintain, and repair most of the weapons systems that are in use by Air Force units. He is a person that will help keep the unit on task an on mission by making sure that the weapons needed to perform the mission are in good working order. The small arms repair technician will perform the basic duties required to maintain a units weapons in tip top condition. They will repair and inspect the handguns, small arms, rifles and other individual weapons carried at the unit level. They operate under supervision of more senior enlisted members to perform basic inspection and repair functions, and also clean and ready firearms under their care. In this job the small arms repairer will keep up with administrative records, forms, and technical manuals. As you reach the level of corporal and above, you will train, supervise and assist in duties relating to small arm inspection and repair. Often you will be expected to maintain, prepare and supervise a maintenance schedule and shop duties, and to assist in repairing small arms to specific standards. To qualify for a small arms repair candidate, you must score 95 or higher on the MM score. You have to be able to pass the Command Ammunition, Arms and explosives screening. You are not allowed to have any conviction in your military or civilian career involving drugs, theft or larceny. You will be assigned and responsible for the successful completion of the Air Force Small arms repair course. As you prepare and move though your training, you will gain understanding of basic ordnance, construction, administration, and small gun handling. You will learn the ability to inspect or technically inspect guns, rifles, small arms and other weaponry. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will be able to analyze an item of ordnance and repair it to original condition or better, and you will be able to function and use repair and armory operational procedures. As you rise in rank you will also train and teach other ranks lower than you, and share technical knowledge with them. Entry-level positions following armors school are wide; you could be assigned to any number of billets located throughout the world. As a Small Arms Repairman/Armorer you will be able to organize personnel, schedule preventive maintenance, conduct inspections, and train others to do these same tasks. You will also watch for proper ordnance procedures and use various equipment to test ordnance.




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You guys spelled Ordnance wrong….-Cpl Chilcutt USMC

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Hey Austin, THANKS! Will correct. You rock!

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