Army Emergency Firefighter Technicians

One of the most important jobs in the U.S. Army is the Emergency Firefighter Specialist. Every Solider that goes to boot camp learns to fight fire, because if you are on at a fire base or on the battlefield you have to put the fire out or else you lose your life. All U.S. Army bases and U.S. Army installations have firefighter units; fighting fire is a major priority to avoid the destructive forces that fire unleashes. U.S. Army Firefighters are responsible to protect property and lives from fire, and to fight fire wherever and whenever it occurs. Firefighters control fires that break out on board aircraft, buildings and on overseas bases.

Must Know It All! Must Be Able To Take The ‘Heat’!

The duties of a U.S. Army firefighter are varied, and include: performing emergency response duties during hazardous incident materials response, performing firefighting and rescue operations during vehicle emergencies, aircraft crash incidents, and to operate extinguishers, hoses and pumps, and giving first aid to injured personnel. Working as a firefighter you will be involved in driving emergency rescue vehicles, firefighting trucks, repairing fire extinguishers and repairing firefighting equipment, and rescuing personnel from vehicles, buildings and aircraft.

You will attend basic training for nine weeks, where you will learn how to be a U.S. Army Enlisted person. You will learn basic U.S. Army drill and U.S. Army procedures, and then graduate as private, or sometimes as a private first class. After Basic Training you will attend military school and learn how to fight military fires, and learn how to become an Emergency U.S. Army Firefighter. You will attend technical school for between 13 and 18 weeks, and take part in practical and classroom training in how to fight chemical, fuel, and other types of fire.

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Part of your training will be learning how to fight different types of fires, how to perform first aid and rescue procedures, various firefighting and rescue type of actions, and basic structural and shipboard fire fighting techniques. As you rise in rank you will become more and more experienced and responsible for helping to train junior enlisted personnel in various firefighting techniques. If you have an ability to remain calm under stress, and have a willingness to put yourself at risk in the pursuit of helping other people, then you may be well suited for this job specialty. You will eventually be responsible for emergency response operations and hazardous material incident response.




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I would like more information on becoming a army emergency firefighter technician.

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Where exactly do you fight fires?

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