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The Armed Forces is a organization that polices its own. Each of the services has its own branch or military police force that takes care of maintaining order and enforcing the law, and dealing with crime. Some of the best training in the world is given to the modern military police officer. The Modern Marine Corps MP designation is useful on base during peacetime, but also during major conflicts. There are many different duties but the MP’s that serve with the Marine Corps have five main duties. They perform police intelligence operations, they maintain security and operations of security and security posts, they act as internment and resettlement officers, they act as mobility support operations, they perform intelligence and police operations, and they maintain order and the rule of law.

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The Unit Level Military Police command officer is a 2nd lieutenant and the unit at the Military Police Marine Corps small unit level is ran with all of the basic command authority and responsibilities that are outlined above. Some of the responsibilities for the command 2nd lieutenant in a Marine Corps small Unit Military police squad can include: acting as a coordinator of police at different levels, directing and commanding MP units and organizations at battalion and unit levels, acting as a military police adviser to active duty Marine Corps and Reserve Marine Corps Commands, and providing doctrine, information and equipment for various police and military police endeavors.

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Military Police officers serving in the United States Marine Corps are required to attend training that begins with the Marine Officer Basic Course. That is where the officer learns maintenance of mission and troop objectives, leadership, operational aspects, tactics and other mission procedures. 2nd Lieutenants in the US Marines start their career as MP officer have nearly unlimited opportunities for advancement, and they are a job command specialty that tends to lead from the front. Working as a Military police officer can give the new Marine 2nd Lieutenant experience and seasoning that can bode well during later opportunities for advancement as well as helping them down the road in their career.

Serving in the Military Police an officer can rise to the level of Military Police Captain, where you will be responsible for between 200 and 300 soldiers, and with directing their operations and assisting with overall Military Police and security issues at the command battalion level.




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