US Pays British Troops for Iraq Injuries

In one of the most unprecedented moves that the US military has made in recent years, as well as the first maneuver of this kind, the US has paid British troops for injuries that were encountered while in Iraq. Britain has been known to be an ally with the United States, which has prompted such an action from the US military. This has been needed to be done by the US military, as the British militaries have received multiple injuries for coming to the aid of the United States for quite some time now.

The efforts that the US military has made towards the British troops for the injuries that they have received have been greatly appreciated, and will continue to grow the bond that lies between both countries. The Pentagon gave over 300,000 British Pounds in assistance towards the British troops, making it a very heft contribution towards the British troops thus far.

Future payments that are rendered to the country are also expected, but may or may not be asked from the British military directly. Some troops have speculated that the payment was a means of the US military trying to reinforce the aid of the British troops in enemy territory, as well as a means of remaining in full support of the US troops. Others have stated that it was a simple gesture that was perhaps overdue for the British troops from the US military. Through the speculation, though, there is still the abundance of aide to the British military that remains.




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